Smart rare.cell phone was not easily affordable

phones are new addition to already present gadgets for communication.When we
look back about 1990s cell phone users were rare.cell phone was not easily affordable
for every individual.However, innovations and cost cutting technologies, developed
with the passage of time, have made it emerge as a gadget that almost everyone
can afford easily.Mobile phone is a device or a medium that help us to
communicate and interact with others without teachers and parental monitoring. Psycoanalysts predict
that in the 21st century cell phone addiction will be appeared as a
major non-drug addiction. Psychoanalysts suggest that a person is said to be
addict if he feels devastating need of cell phone use for more than half an
hour per day. Yang told that youth is suffering from a mental disease named
‘mobile phone dependence’ syndrome.When we look 20 years back cell phones are
just used for calling and texting but now smart phones in terms of
functionality complete many of the same tasks as an internet connected computer.Now
cell phone allows individuals to text, call, social networks, share
videos,video conferencing, play video games, different data bases and software
applications, etc.These services are available at almost any time and every
where.Because of all these characteristics and smart applications how is it
possible that a individual would’t be attracted to mobile phone.Of cource these
applications and characteristics have an influence on users attitude,beliefs
and behaviors.For example a student shares his feeling that social networking
makes me feel that I have an obligation to be stick to my phone.Sometimes I
feel that I am in a new world of obligations in which any one can get a hold of
me at any time by just thinking about my self.If my mother thinking about me
and she wants to talk to me right now she could .Some researchers identified a
negative relationship between the cell phone use and academic performance.
Forste and Jacobsen (2011) described that over two-thirds of the university
students use their cellphones during their lectures, and doing homework at
homes. Sánchez-Martínez and Otero (2009) found that 50% of the students bring
cellphones in the schools or colleges although it was not allowed to keep
cellphones with themselves in the schools or colleges. Junco and Cotton
odserved that sending text messages and checking Facebook while studying or
doing homework by students is a common behavior. Youth is the most vivid user
of this technology and this excessive use of mobile phone technology lead to
the mobile phone addiction.A study ” Effects of smart phones on students” was
conducted by Allabama state university defines this issue and states that we
are not addicted to smart phones but we are addicted to  knowledge,entertainment, data and personal contacts.People
like to have constant entertainment and the smart phones are the best source to
provide an accessible way to it.