Situation/TaskJoni PeopleJoni and Ben are the two persons

Situation/TaskJoni and Ben joined forces to start a business making wooden hanging baskets.The gardening store in their community is willing to buy every basket that Joni and Ben can make.Since Joni is saving money for her university so she is keen to ramp up production and work full throttle all spring and summer.Lately Joni feels that is slacking o? leaving her with the lion’s share of the work.Ben thinks he is doing as well as he can but due to new band he has limited time.Ben still wants to be an active partner in the business.1- Identify Position of each side of the people in con?ict2- What are Joni’s and Ben’s desires?3- What is the Layer under the Con?ict?4- Brainstorm Possible solution to their con?ict.5- Discuss how each solution a?ect and discuss compromises.21 Con?icted PeopleJoni and Ben are the two persons who get involved in a con?ict.Both the persons have di?erent positions and di?erent scenarios.They think di?erent because they deal with di?erent circumstances.1.1 JoniJoni is the one who wants to earn money to secure her future by attending university.She wants to invest and work hard in the business and give her much of time for business,She started business with Ben so that both they could earn money to meet their desires.Joni expects pro?t and company in business.With the changed behavior of Ben, she is in con?ict that Ben is leaving her slowly to join Lion’s work.She thinks so because she is conscious about business.1.2 BenBen started business in the company of Joni.As he involved in the business he tried to join other networks.One of the other works o?ered him to join them.He started to works with Lion’s band side by side by thinking that he can manage both works in his time table.But things got wrong,he could not get enough time to manage both the works.He wants to do be business partner but time factor is the only problem.2 Joni and Ben’s DesiresBoth Joni and Ben are social and they are ready to make more and more baskets as gardening store in the community wants to buy every basket.Joni’s only desire is to make money for her university allowance.She is keen to collect enough money that can make her university graduated.On the side, Ben is social and wants to be a businessman.He started another business work but he is unable to pay heed towards both businesses.Joni thinks That Ben is leaving her alone by joining other business.33 Possible SolutionEvery Problem has a solution.Here,I am going to purpose a possible solution that can remove con?ict between Joni and Ben.3.1 ApproachAfter analyzing the whole scenario,i found a way to remove con?ict between both the persons.All they need to do is to have patience.Both are in con?ict solution,so they don’t need to think negative for each other,it will reduce the burden.Joni should help him to solve Ben’s problem of time limitations.3.2 What Should Joni Do?Since Joni and Ben are business partners so if business fails,it will a?ect both of them.Joni should make sure that Ben is also interested in the business before making any assumption.Joni thinks that Ben is leaving her but actually Ben has shortage of time.Joni should solve the problem by asking him the real problem.Joni should take other person as right one to avoid destruction of the partnership. If i get involved in such a situation,i will try my best to bring my partner back by giving him relaxation.So,Joni should do the same.Joni should give him some space so that he can pull up himself from all these crisis.It will increase their relationship strength.3.3 What Should Ben Do?A relationship is known by its strength.Ben is the one who’s action was the start of con?ict.He has to play main role to remove the con?ict.If he is denying the rules of partnership,he should be the one to consider himself wrong and solve the matter immediately. Ben’s ?rst priority should be the business of wooden baskets as it was the ?rst star-up.He should pay heed to the business and work side by side with Joni.If he is unable to manage the time then he has two options,either leave the lion’s work or make himself punctual for both work.Time does not wait for anyone.Ben should work with Joni to remove con?ict and if he is unable to manage the time,he should leave the lion’s work.44 E?ect of CompromisesPolite behavior has always positive a?ect on the repute of a person as well as business.A business can be run more e?ciently if business partners are in good relationship and both show good response towards each other.It also increases customers strength. In this case,if Ben and Joni compromises each other,there customers will not get disturb as well as the gardening store owner.Being a human,compromise is the part of a good soul.4.1 Partial SatisfactionWith satis?ed mind a person can perform all his duties very well.Everyone involved in the con?ict will get relaxation and mind satisfaction if there is a compromise.Satisfaction is the the demand of a good soul.Every saint in this world has also requested God to give him satisfaction in his life.4.2 Pro?table BusinessBusiness will be pro?table if both the partners are working according to their will by relaxing each other.They started business to earn pro?t so Joni will earn money her university and Ben can also make money himself.4.3 Culture of ToleranceWhen a person deal with other for peace it promotes tolerance in the culture.It a?ects people’s life and their way of thinking.Tolerance is the demand in every religion.Society moves towards peace and happy life demands peace.Tolerated people also get wiliness of God.4.4 Win-Win SituationWin-Win situation will be attain by attaining compromise.Collaboration of two parties will gain winning situation of a goal.Mutual goals will be gained by both the persons.Joni and Ben will get their goals.They will live a successful life by achieving their goals