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Should students receive CPR training as a school requirement?Did you know that 70% of bystanders feel helpless during cardiac emergencies and don’t do anything? They are usually afraid that if they attempt to perform CPR, they will mess up and hurt the patient even more. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, also known as CPR, is a medical procedure that is used if someone dies or is losing blood flow. It restores blood flow and helps someone breathe that is suffering from cardiac arrest. Every minute that medical attention isn’t performed, the chances of survival decreases by 10%. Emergency services usually arrive longer than 10 minutes after the initial call for help. That means that the patient is relying on the bystanders to save his/her life. If no one acts before the emergency services arrive, the patient’s life expectancy drops down to under 25%.If students are taught CPR, they will not hesitate to help someone because they would know what they are doing.  In November of 2017, Clayton Pendergrass, a high school senior, collapsed at a basketball game and went into cardiac arrest. His heart stopped, but was revived and helped by an athletic trainer that performed CPR and used a defibrillator to jolt his heart. Because of the quick medical attention, he suffered no permanent health problems. Students should receive CPR training as a school requirement because it saves lives.When Amy Spears, a math teacher at Louis Armstrong Middle School was teaching a math class, 3 students ran in and asked her for help saying that their friend was unconscious in the hall. Spears followed the students and as soon as she saw the child on the ground, she knew it was an emergency. ‘”When it happened, it just happened, it was something I just did,” she said. The teacher immediately called for help and began doing CPR on the girl.’ Within minutes, 911 was called and EMS was on the way. ‘”After I took the CPR training, I was a little nervous about whether I would be able to do it, in a crisis. … I’m glad I could,” she said.’ With new information, people know what happened. The student had a pacemaker, a medical device that uses electrical pulses that regulates the beating of your heart. Without it, you may go into cardiac arrest. The student’s pacemaker failed, causing her to go into cardiac arrest. The student survived and is grateful forever. If Spears didn’t know CPR, the student’s chances of survival would have been very low.Learning CPR means