Woodrow Wilson had great, qualities of a

Woodrow Wilson had great, qualities of a political administrator as well as educationist.

“Woodrow Wilson was qualified in the highest degree for a career in public affairs by his personal and mental qualities and especially by his sense of responsibility to the public welfare. To those who worked sympathetically with him and under him, he displayed a magnetic personality.

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He was genial humorous, considerate and had broad cultural interests from his subordinates he evoked admiration and affection, but in dealing with men whom he did not like or trust he could not capitalize upon his personal assets.

The depth of his idealistic fervour gave force to his political leadership, which was further strengthened by his outstanding oratorical capacity.

But the intensity of that fervour crippled his ability for effective compromise at the administration level; when he was Governor of New Jersy, Wilson was responsible for purifying the political atmosphere of the state, creation of a public utilities commission and reforms which made possible the commission form of municipal government”.

Wilson had exhibited strong sentimental attachment to a religious forth in which he had breathed his first.

“Wilson was saved from a passive determinism by his strong religious convictions. He was the son of a minister and his political activism was rooted in the Calvinist drive to serve God and to understand his will through rational effort.”

Calvinism was highly pronounced in his thinking, acting and doing there were such highly pronounced convictions of Woodrow Wilson which made him unpopular with his opponents.