The an important part of development administration

The available theory of development administration is more in the form of stray thoughts, strands and threads rather than a tough canopy. It is largely due to those scholars who first initiated a debate about development administration and who failed to provide a concrete, definite theoretical grounding to the growing discipline.

Our students need to be informed that development of administration the title of this chapter is an important part of development administration but it is equally true that development of administration was and is still important aspect of public administration.

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Development of administration would imply growth and expansion of the disciplinary territories i.e., new additions, new areas, new fields of interests of scholars of public adminis­tration. This aspect relates to the historical component of growth and expansion of a nascent discipline. It is the fact that most of the developments in a discipline are the result of changing situations and circumstances.

Situations and circumstances change as a result of deliberate efforts as well as some socio-economic, political and technological changes. Whatever may be the causes, administrative system continues to grow, develop and expand. However this endeavour may be characterised here as the reform effort or simply the administrative reform.