Short Essay on the Supervision in an Organisation

According to Vitales, supervision refers to the direct and immediate guidance and control of subordinates in the performance of their task.

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Supervision is concerned with three main functions of management i.e., direction, immediate guidance and control with a view to see; they are working according to plans, policies programmes instructions and the time schedule.

To give them directions to get the work done, if necessary. To guide them at the work if they are doing something inconsistent to directions given and need help so as to let them be able to accomplish their assigned task.

The bottom in the management hierarchy is the first line of supervisors and it is directly associated with the operating staff and it is their responsibility to see whether the assigned work to the workers are done towards the attainment of the objectives of the organisation. Supervisors are the real executors of the plans, policies, procedures and programmes.

Supervisor is a leader of his subordinates as he guides them in the performance of their assigned job and provides a line between the management and operative staff. He is the immediate boss of the operative staff and leads them to work hard in accomplishing the organisation objectives.

He is accountable to the middle and higher management for the performance of the workers. According to Allen, a supervisor is responsible to get the work done. His responsibility is to see that directions are being followed, instructions and orders are being carried out, the plans, policies and programmes are being executed.

Mostly supervisors have authority to exercise independent judgment in hiring, discharging, discipline, recording and taking other actions of a similar nature with respect to employees.