The cyber crime makes it clear that the

The Government of Bangladesh appointed an Expert Committee in June 1997 to provide a legal framework for prevention and control of cyber crimes. The Committee submitted its report in January, 1993 in which as many as 45 recommendations were made for a comprehensive legislation on cyber law.

The Government suggested certain changes in the said legislation which were duly considered by the expert committee and it submitted its revised recommendations to the Government in June 2002. Consequently, the Cyber Crime Act, 2004 was passed to deal with cyber crimes and criminals.

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An overview of the international perspective of law on prevention and control of cyber crime makes it clear that the countries all around the world are concerned with the growing menace. In the Indian context, though the Information Technology Act, 2000 has been enacted as a comprehensive legislation to deal with cyber offences, it has no applicability in many situations.

Looking to the International dimensions of these crimes and jurisdictional problems between the countries as also the variations in their cyber laws, the electronic transactions and liability issue for the acts executed in cyber space still remains hazy and uncertain in the absence of an adequate global cyber law.