Ship-breaking people need to provide with reasonable fees

Ship-breaking has grown as a major health,
environmental and risky problem for Bangladesh. Ship-breaking is a difficult
process for its complex structure and create hazardous environment for the
workers. Workers have little or no training at  
all for the equipment used in the ship yards. As a worker their rights
have been violated in this ship yard such as, they are paid less than the
amount established by the government, there is no medical availability in time
of need and there is no payment at all for the overtime work. To add more, no
kind of safety measures is taken to provide a safe working place for them.
Though all these conditions for these laboures are ensured by varies national
laws as well as by some international laws. There has not been any proper
enforcement of labour laws which ensure certain rights for these workers which
are being violated every day nor the international agreement which are taken in
order to minimize the violation are not properly followed.


Furthermore, Bangladesh is a democratic country so
the focus and priority should be the people of this land. Article 102 of the
Bangladesh Constitution gives the right to bring a petition if any of the
fundamental rights of any citizen is violated. It needs to find out, why after
being a democratic country, people are not equally treated and cannot get their
rights in which they are entitled to! Economically unhealthy people need to
provide with reasonable fees so that they can afford to go to court or they
need State sponsored legal aid or free trial and justice. To get access to
justice is the legal right for the poor and in order to establish rule of law.
General people may talk about this issue more and more and to get the attention
of the authority.

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There is no strict action in order to compel the
owner of these ship yards to follow the rules and regulations. Although some
national organization like BlAST and internationally YPSA and ILO are working
in this regard but there is less enforcement in reality. While getting justice
is the fundamental rights of every citizen guaranteed by the supreme law of
Bangladesh, these labours risking their life are not even considered. Getting
into the legal process is very far and complex process for them and the
responsibility totally goes upon the legal administrative body.  There is no policy, strategy or guideline of
Bangladesh in order to provide these workers with their rights and make the
justice system affordable for them when in need so that any further wrong
cannot take place.

Especially in
a country like Bangladesh where corruption has become a regular as well as
pretty normal issue and where people are mentally ready to bribe for every work
that has to be done, urgent solution and steps is the dying necessary to be
taken by the government and proper authority. The existing legal protection is
extremely inadequate, insufficient and out of reach for the ship-breaking
labours as well as the majority people. Steps must be taken as soon as possible
in order to erase the corruption existed in the legal sector and to make
justice easily accessible to the people because the more people left without
justice the more it is impossible to establish rule of law.