SFS constructing school buildings. It was my first

SFS had a lot of programs and events to keep the
community interconnected. For instance we had field day, APAC sports tournament,
spirit day, international fair, and discovery weeks. Discovery week was a week
given to high school students to experience a different learning environment
than traditional classroom education. We were offered options to either stay or
to fly overseas for the week. Through this program, I was exposed to new
environments and grew awareness of different cultures, service, and adventures.

The most memorable Discovery week I experienced was when I went to Philippines.

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I served students in Philippines by distributing food, interacting with them,
and constructing school buildings. It was my first time to come in contact with
kids and families who encountered difficulties in living. Everyone there lacked
proper food and quality facilities. Having hands on experience with these
families made me realize that achievement gaps between these kids and us were
not because of their incapability but because of other gaps such as financial difference
(Ladson-Billings 317). A lot of the experiences I had in SFS allowed me to
become aware of the world around me.