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In recent times, most people suffer from a severe illness,
these illnesses are severe enough to impact their daily activities, according
to (
Depression is a common and serious mental illness that negatively affects how
you feel, approximately 1 in 5 teenagers in the US suffer from depression ( Date
assessed 13 October 2010).But fortunately depression is an illness that is
treatable with a wide range of treatments available such as exercise, self-help
and various medications one of those medications are antidepressants, an
antidepressant is a class of drugs which help treat the symptoms of depression
by diminishing the symptoms by regulating chemical imbalances in the brain,
this is done by releasing serotonin which is a natural mood stabilizer into the
brain in an attempt to ease the mood of someone who is depressed and have them
calm his/her emotions.

But even as this medication is readily available to
teenagers the rate of depression in teens is not decreasing.

The amount of teens with depression has increased
in the last few years and with this increase there is an increase of suicide, antidepressants
claim to decrease these rates but more and more teens are committing suicide

In this
investigative research task the researcher with the help of his mentor will be
assessing if the use of antidepressants stops depression among teenagers

Hypothesis: The use of antidepressants among teenagers is unsuccessful
in fighting the effects of depression

Aim: To investigate if the use of antidepressants is
ineffective in combating depression among teenagers

To further investigate

Depression and how it can be treated

The causes of depression


Significance of Study

It is imperative to understand how depression is caused,
what factors contribute to it and how it can be stopped or treated in order to
provide better care for those that have the illness and to prevent the illness
before it manifests into a chronic stage, which starts to damage the individual
mentally and physically,