Section 62 – Central, State, district and city advisory boards – Juvenile Justice Act

(2) The Central or State advisory board shall consist of such persons as the Central Government or the State Government, as the case may be, may think fit and shall include eminent social workers, representatives of voluntary organisations, in the field of child welfare corporate sector, academicians, medical professionals and the concerned Department of the State Government.

(3) The district or city level inspection committee constituted under Section 35 of this Act shall also function as the district or city advisory boards.

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The provisions contained in this section provide for constituting a Central or State Advisory Board to advise the Government on any of the following matters—

(1) Establishment of Children’s Homes, Special Homes and Shelter Homes;

(2) Management of the aforesaid Homes;

(3) Mobilisation of resources for running these Homes;

(4) Education, training and rehabilitation of children who need care and protection and juveniles in conflict with law;

(5) To ensure co-ordination and co-operation among various official and non- official agencies and organisations.

As provided in sub-section (2), the Advisory Board constituted under sub-section (1), shall consist of the following constituent members:—

(a) Eminent social workers;

(b) Representatives from corporate sector;

(c) Representatives of voluntary organisations working in the field of child welfare;

(d) Medical professionals;

(e) Academicians; and

(f) Representatives of the concerned Department of the State Government.

The number of members in the Advisory Board shall be as prescribed by the Central or the State Government.