Comments: Principle: This section lays down that



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This section lays down that the person accused of crime is of a good character and is relevant. In criminal trial it is very often pleaded that the accused bears a good moral character and the character becomes a material consideration for the court. Naturally, a presumption against the commission of crime arises and sometimes it becomes conclusive. The evidence of bad character is wholly irrelevant and is admissible only in reply.

Good character:

No doubt good character is a good defense, but it is a very weak evidence; it cannot outweigh positive evidence in regard to the guilt of a person. In doubtful case it is rule that the accused may take the plea of possessing good character, otherwise every accused will take the plea. The Supreme Court held that the evidence was of no use in the circumstances the case. There was no evidence. In this case the character of a public prosecutor was in question. “A man’s good character is a fact making strongly for inference that he is innocent. The evidence of good character is therefore, considered in connection with all the evidence bearing upon the question of guilt.” Where the circumstances of the cases is such that the good character of the accused person was going to be of no help either way.