(i) Adoption;

(ii) Foster care;

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(iii) Sponsorship; and

(iv) Sending the child to an after-care organisation.


When a juvenile or child is brought to a Children’s Home, Special Home or a shelter home, efforts should be made for his rehabilitation and reintegration. This section suggests four alternative measures for the rehabilitation and re-orientation of such juveniles or children. They are—

(1) Adoption of orphaned, abandoned, neglected or abused children through institutional or non-institutional means;

(2) Foster care is used for temporary placement of those infants who are ultimately to be sent to some institution or individual for adoption;

(3) Sponsorship programme may provide supplementary support to families, children home, special homes etc. to meet the medical, nutritional, educational and other needs of children;

(4) After-Care Programme provides necessary supervision and guidance to juveniles and children after their release from Children Home or Special Home so that they may be rehabilitated and lead an honest and industrious life in future.