Illustration: the robbery which occurred on his way


A, an accomplice, gives an account of a robbery in which he took part. He describes various incidents unconnected with the robbery which occurred on his way to and from the place where it was com­mitted.

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Independent evidence of these facts may be given in order to cor­roborate his evidence as to the robbery itself.



Under section 155 the court may allow a witness to corroborate his testimony as to any relevant fact by deposing to any circumstances which he observed at or near to the time or place at which such relevant fact happened. By this section the court can test the veracity of a witness who may be made to state about the surrounding circumstances. But the statements of witness about the surrounding circumstances may be admitted or rebutted with the help of independent witness. Illustration explains the occurrence.

“The meaning of the section is that for the purpose of corroborating the testimony of a witness as to any relevant fact, he may be asked about other surrounding circumstances or events observed by him at or near to the same time or place.” It is elementary that the evidence of an infirmed witness does not become reliable merely because it has been corroborated by a member of witnesses of the same brand; for evidence is to be weighed not counted.