Secondly innovation can be very costly to




Secondly to
develop and market new products it means in fast moving market where other
contenders always updating their products, a business need to spend more money
than usual on creating and marketing new product for example to do promoting
research and test new product in “pilot” market.  These expenses are not normally covered by
sales of the product for quite a while (if at all) so cash should be raised to
pay for the research.

                    Finance is the cash accessible
to spend on business need, even if the owner has a very good plan to open a new
business, without having stable finance and backing cash flow the plan won’t
hit the goal.  Ideally from the minute
some body think about the business thought, there should be some kind of money
source.  Additionally, the reason why all
business needs finance are firstly finance expansion to production capacity it
means as a business developer it needs higher capacity and new innovation to
cut unit expenses and aware of other contender. 
New innovation can be very costly to the business and viewed as long
term investment because the expenses exceed the cash spared or generated for a
considerable period of time, new innovation isn’t simply managing computer
system but also new machinery and instrument to perform the proses quicker,
more effective and have more prominent quality. 

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       There are several key financial responsibilities
for new company or firm such as how much it will cost to convert a business
plan to actual business. also they need to keep in mind how much the day to day
business spending cost example wage, rent and different bills. Additionally,
the new owner need to buy the product to sell from the suppliers otherwise they
don’t have anything to sell to their customer. 
All new firm need to follow the trend that successful business owner
used to fulfil their customers need, at the point when business is working
completely and effectively the money that comes from their customer will give
all the financial necessity to have a very successful operation but until
reaching that point they need to have money sources especially if the new owner
has a very few backing capitals.  To
maintain a business for a long time the organisation needs monetary source from
its business and other, dealing with everyday funds is constant procedure.  When start up a new business it requires
investment to create pay.  To have a cash
flow in business it needs internal source of finance means money that comes
from its organisation and external source of finance which is borrow money from
bank as a loan or as an overdraft and through investors that they willing to
take the risk in case the business fails or have considerable amount of profit
if the company did well.

         On the other side of argument to say business is a
science the organisation must have very good financial plan, finance have two
primary angel it can give the number that assist the managers to settle on
better choices and it can check what is going on now in business world and what
has happened before I Marmarcouse wrote about finance in his business study
book page 56 “60% of new restaurant that close within three years almost all of
them die because of the business ran out of cash” so its essential to find a
way how to spending their money under very strategic plan.  When most businesses start their company,
they think that they will have very successful business on day one, but the
reality is far from what they think most of their money tied up on settled resources
such as interior design and equipment to start up their business then very
small amount of money left to run their company.

        When developing an advertising campaign the business
owner need to characterise the audience figure out who is the target market
(those client most likely to purchase from the company) setup financial plan
means how much the organisation can afford to spend to reach target audience,
they also need to plan which media they can use and make sense of what are the
most ideal approach to achieve the prospective consumer with the message lastly
create an advertising strategy pick the best and appropriate message and
visuals for advertising campaign.

              All business experiences three
phases with various advertising campaign, firstly THE NEW COMPANY as they are
new in the market and need to build up their character the organisation need
high level of promotion.  Secondly THE
GROWING BUSINESS once the identity of the company is build up they need to
separate themselves from their competitor and persuade the buyer to try their
product and service. Thirdly THE BUSINESS SET UP the reason for this is to
remined customers why they should be purchasing the product from
organisation.  Regardless which organise
the business is in advertising the business need to follow these very important
steps according to industry mnemonic which is “awareness, interest, desire and
action” the purpose of the company is to make forthcoming client know that
their service is exists don’t afraid to ask about their experiences and what
need to be done in their prospective

                Advertising the product using different strategies gives
an immediate line of communication to current and prospective client, the motives
behind advertising include make client familiar with your product, persuade
them that the organisation product and service is ideal for their requirements,
create a desire for the product that the company made, improve the image of the
organisation and always be competitive by announcing new product that the
audience want to buy and attract more client to the business.  The objective of advertising should to build
up in company strategy for success, for instance the business might need to get
specific percentage of growth in sales, produce more request for sale or work
in store activity, the outcome for this strategy would be the consumer have
more knowledge about the product and modifying the image of the

                Advertisements are sometimes
destined to induce quick sale and income, introducing of the business offer
advancement through advertising are an approach to drive business rapidly.  TV and radio advert can convey the message and
in print advertisement such as magazine, daily paper and billboard. The
organisation can incorporate sales promotion tools for example a coupon, lure
the customer by having more discounting item from the company rival.  New organisation frequently utilize promotion
to build a client base, yet they are also needing to sell excess inventory and
make more income when require. This is particularly evident when new brand introduces
to the market.

Advertisements are message paid for by business
promoter and convoyed mass medium with the endeavour to convince a targeted
audience to like the brand, to build up more positive attitude or expect to
purchase, independent company frequently have constrained spending plan to
spend on promoting their business however the constrictive outcome is regularly
justified, despite all the trouble. Basically, contacting the
market to let them know about the business is an essential starting point of
promoting.  Regardless how awesome your service
or product if nobody knows that the company exist the organisation can’t pitch
to them.  An effective and frequently repeated
broadcasting help your targeted public become more well-known with the product
and they might recommend it to another consumer.