Science isn’t the best thing to help someone

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Noise pollution


Scientists create or invent thing, so the world can be a
better place. A lot of these inventions can cause a lot of sound. When these
occur regularly or daily it is called nose pollution. Noise pollution has had a
negative effect on humans and to the environment. Scientist have recently been
doing lots of research into how noise pollution is changing some of the
behaviors of animals and how it has had a negative effect to our health. I will
be writing how noise pollution is a bad thing, and how it has had a negative
effect and why.


What is it? What causes
it? What are the things that make the noise?

Noise pollution is a sound that keeps repeating and is
harmful or annoying. Noise pollution can be:

·       Construction noises

·       Vehicles (buses, cars, airplanes ect.)

·       Wood work (like cutting trees)

·       A baby crying consistently

·       Animals (e.g Dogs barking.)

·       Industrial areas (Factories.)

List some negative
effects of noise pollution. Sate which you will focus on.

I will be focusing on the negative effect on environmental
and how it affects the animals living over there. Noise pollution can give a
person a lot high level stress and from stress the persons sleep is distracted.
Some noises are so annoying and high pitch or loud that it affects the persons
hearing. Noises can cause permanent damage. For the people who
have neighbors who party a lot which causes a lot of noise and can be a big
problem to other people. Public events, construction sites, parties, loud
neighbors ect. Can disturb a lot of people. Like if a man is trying to sleep a
little early and meanwhile there is a party, that man will be disturbed a lot.
People who work hard can be disturbed as well. Annoying sounds isn’t the best
thing to help someone work.


There is a bird called lyrebird. The lyrebird is a very
beautiful creature, and it even imitates sounds which is not the best idea.
These innocent birds shouldn’t imitate human sounds. They imitates sounds like
chainsaw, car alarms, leaf blowers, ect. There not supposed to make these
sounds, its not a natural thing, they are supposed to make sound that are
natural around there habitat like the sounds of plants or trees or other animals.
Because of the noise pollution we create the animals are imitating wrong



Some animals would have to change their behaviors and they
could have to migrate to a different place because of these annoying loud
sounds. The unwanted sound that we hear can affect our hearing, like if a sound
is beyond our hearing range. Very loud noises can stop people from simply
communicate freely with other people, and because of this people hear something
else and misunderstand them. Noises can effect our health as well. High
powerful noises disturbs your blood flow and when that changes your heart rate
increases. We all need proper sleep but noises will disturb the sleeping pattern
and will cause problems    



People who work till late hour would need proper sleep, and other
sound can disturb there sleep and because of that they would not be able to
think the next day which could end up having a big loss.


Protest create a lot of sound. From this sound peoples
morality will be affected, and they will think of doing the right thing or
wrong thing.


Things like elections create noise pollution, If a rally
comes together it can affect politician. dharna,
demonstrations, slogans, propaganda, processions, all affects