Sanya, throughout the city. Middle-class Chinese families are

is the southernmost city on Hainan Island, and one of the four prefecture-level
cities of Hainan Province, in Southeast China. Sanya,
China’s premier beach community claims to be the ‘Hawaii of China’. In recent years
Sanya has become a popular tourist destination. Russian and English signs can
be seen throughout the city. Middle-class Chinese families are increasingly drawn to the
golden shores of Sanya as well.  

peak season, Sanya is a bit of a carnival, but come the slower season prices
drop and elbow room grows. But whatever time you go, do a bit of travelling
away from the main hubs and space will open before you, as secluded beaches
drift into view alongside a sparkling sea.Sanya has 20km long stretches of beach. The location between 180°9? and 18°37?
latitude gives it the tropical monsoon climate. Covering an area of 1919.58
square kilometers (about 741 square miles) with 209.1 kilometers (about 130
miles) long coastline, this coastal city has many natural advantages. It
is also named the ‘South Gate of China’ to stress its importance while it plays
a vital role in the life of the southern part of China in areas of the economy
and politics to transportation.As the only tropical city across the coastline, it is definitely
booming and packed with a lot of water sports such as snorkeling and
jet-skiing, rainforest hiking, and innumerable hotels ranging from zero to five
stars. Sanya is suitable for travel
all year round, though the best period is from September to April. China’s National DayHoliday (October 1-7) and Chinese New Year (around February) are the peak seasons when lots of people pour to Sanya for
vacation; it is suggested to place tour and hotel bookings in advance.

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Here are Sanya’s Top 6
attractions you may interested in. 1.    Boundary
IslandYou will be immersed in tropical island scenery
once you set feet on Boundary Island. The east of the island has high cliffs,
with large waves slapping the rocks. Scenery in the west is totally different,
with soft and fine beach and mild sprays. The surrounding sea area is full of
coral reefs and tropical fish. Having a stroll along the marble staircase, the
natural peculiar stone peaks, precipices and strange plants emerge in front of
you. Standing at the top of the hill on the island, you will have a better view
of the stunning scenery of the island and the sea. Spending the night on the
island is also an amazing experience. You can lie down on the beach listening to tides
and counting stars. Sunrise over the sea in the next early morning will make
the trip to the island even more unforgettable. There are also many
entertainment activities you can do on the island. Diving is the most popular
one to explore the unfamiliar seabed with colorful fish, clear water, and
swaying seaweeds. You will find gardens made of various peculiar stones by your
side and small sea fish shuttling through colorful corals; you might want to
fondle the small fish or have a careful observation of the beautiful corals.