Sales remotely on the computer that you

Sales are what give the impulse to
our business every day to keep growing. Without these, hardly a business
regardless of whether your industry manages to stay in the market for a long

For entrepreneurs, small and
medium-sized companies, in recent years technological advances have contributed
significantly so that their operations can be controlled in the same way as
large companies. This without neglecting that government regulations in Latin
America, have encouraged small businesses to formalize and begin to adopt
better and more practices within their businesses that make them more
competitive and increase their chance of growth. If before it was very common
for everything to be written down in a book and checkbooks, today it is very
common to see how technology has come to these businesses to offer automation,
control and better decision making.

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Billing points of sale are now
available to all entrepreneurs who are looking for an affordable, friendly,
agile and stable solution to manage the sales of their businesses. At
InterFuerza we have a great tool that has become the ally for the billing of
many entrepreneurs.

The point of sale of InterFuerza
gives your business a number of benefits and added values. If you are looking
for a billing point of sale, we tell you why we can be your best choice:
How does it work

First we want to make clear to you
how our billing sales point works. The POS is an application that is installed
remotely on the computer that you have designated to be the cash desk of your
business. This application must be connected to the Interfuerza cloud, which is
the management platform in the cloud where you control all the operations of
your company. If you do not have an Interfuerza account yet, you can get it
here. Once you have your company in the cloud and all the relevant information
such as Products, prices, inventory, customers, warehouses, etc.; This connects
with your point of sale to work synchronized.
We control your operation from start to

This means that: First , all the
sales you make will automatically be charged to your InterFuerza account and
will generate an accounting entry, reduce your inventory and feed your bank
account. All this with a transaction.

Second , we not only talk about
invoices, you can also issue credit notes, installments, combined charges,
create customers and bill quotes that have been approved in the InterFuerza

Third , you can manage your openings and cash
closures for more control of shift and / or days. This is very important for
retail businesses, since the control of inventory and cash is essential to
avoid leaks or losses.