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Richard Perry is a character from Walter Dean Myers´ book, Fallen Angels. He is also the narrator and protagonist in this book. Richard Perry also goes by Richie Perry. Richard is a seventeen year old black kid from Harlem high school. Richie is a very ambitious and intelligent personRichie is sent to Vietnam just months after he joins the Army. He is assigned to Alpha Co. He experiences numerous different traumatic events. . His alcoholic mother couldn’t send him to college, so he joins the Army to escape an uncertain future and run away from problems. First of all, Richard Perry is a very motivated man. As Richie went into the Army he says, Richard didn’t enter the Army to get away from all his problems but, he enters the Army to escape making a decision about his future. He is expected to go to college by most of the people he grew up with. Perry believes that joining the Army will be a way to avoid making difficult decisions about his future because the Army is a structured environment where people are always telling him what to do and how to do it. In addition to being motivated, As Richie joins the Army he assuming that the Americans are the ¨good guys,¨ which is the myth of war. As the time in the Army passes he says, ” Perry thought joining the Army would make him be a hero to give his life purpose. However, the mission forces Perry to address the moral obscurity around the involvement of the US in Vietnam. His participation in war might mean that he is a villain instead of him being the hero he thinks he is. Richie grew a strong bond with the members of his squad, especially Peewee. Richard wishes he can have a relationship with the people in the world like he has with the members of his group. Perry´s relationship with his mother is not very good. Their relationship is so bad that Perry’s mother sends letters to Peewee to talk about Perry. She even tries to keep it a secret because she knows it is going to hurt Perry.  After Perry finds out that Peewee is receiving letters from Perry’s mother he says, Perry learns that his relationships with others fulfill him and give his life significance from his times at war. In conclusion, Richard Perry, a motivated, ambitious man. He is a nice person who grows bonds with people easily. Richard Perry could have given up right when his college dreams failed and he had no idea of what he wanted for the future. Even after he questions his role in the war he still continues his time in the Army.