Research The researcher must give time to

Research is required to improve the
conditions.  Prepared for any research is
likely to help society directly or indirectly. Before beginning collecting the
data, the researchers need to inform and obtain consent first to the

The meaning of informed
consent is an essential part of the researchers to get to the participants
before doing the research. Informed consent implies that participants  are aware of the type of information you want
from them, why the information is being sought, what the purpose it will being
carried out, how they are expected to participate in the study and how it
directly effect to the. It is important things to get consent voluntary and
without any pressure to the participants.

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Information elements of the consents are
participants must be fully noted. Subject should be confidential and anonymous.
The informed consent form must be written in lay language to make participants
easy to understand about the research. The researcher must give time to answer
questions at any time the participants available.

The elements in the consent must be
voluntary without any pressure. Participants also must be free to withdraw
consent at any time they want.


The consent form must contains  explanation  the aim of the research project, the ways how
the study will being conducted study, the harm and risk, the value and the
beneficial,  privately,  refusal from the study, harsh statement, consent
form ,and the last thing must being sign by participants.


A human
subject is defined as a living person about who will investigator
conducting research get the information. This includes studying of humans through observations or
interviews,  psychological,  physiological or medical testing or treatment,
access to their personal document or other materials such as the collection and
use of their body organs, tissues or fluids. Access to their details is personally
identifiable confidential information form as a part of an existing published
source or database.

An issues relating to this is the risk of
the research to the participants.

A risk can cause harm to participants,
discomfort or inconvenience. The list of harm include physical harm such as
injury, illness and pain. Psychological harm which is feelings of
worthlessness, distress, guilt, anger or fear. For example, to expose of something
sensitive or embarrassing information, or learning about the genetic
possibility of developing an untreatable disease.

Another issues is to sought the sensitive
information. In seeking this matter, it will make the participants may upset or
embarrass to participate, but if we not ask for it, there is no way to sought
this problem. For most people in this world, the sexual behaviour , drug use,
marital status, salary, age are privacy and personal lifestyle without anyone
should know about that things.  So, in
collecting the data about the sensitive information, the researchers need to
explain carefully and smoothly to the participants. Keep the information privately
and give them enough time without any pressure.

Another issue is to keep all the
information privately.  Do not share the
information we get from the participants with another besides the purpose of
the study. It is unethical when we do so, so be careful. Make sure all confidentiality
is maintained.


Providing some present also one of the
issue in research human subjects. Some of the researchers provide some present
to their participants as appreciation because of their time involving in the
study but some thinking is inducements. It depends to any researchers and
participants about the present.