Released maker, Fritz Lang and produced by Erich

Released on the 10th
of January 1927 Metropolis was directed by German film maker, Fritz
Lang and produced by Erich Pommer. The film, set during the future 2026 in a
city known as Metropolis is a vision of a society post industrialisation in
which the rich industrialists live in the high-rise city. The poorer workers
live under the city of Metropolis and work to keep the city powered via
machines hidden beneath. The working conditions are poor and men, women and children
often die in brutal explosions. The film followed Freder who is the son of Joh
Fredersen, the City’s master. They live a privileged life and Freder spends his
life unaware of the atrocities that occur under the city every day. During one
of Freder’s idyllic walks through the garden he sees a woman called Maria who
is taking an excursion of worker children to see what life for the rich is
like. He follows them and soon sees one of the common accidents in which a
machine explodes and kills a group of workers. During this explosion Freder has
a vision in which workers are being fed into the fire of a machine known as a Moloch (Hebrew mythology). Freder tells his father about
the explosion and his father, Joh Fredersen, shows a complete lack of empathy
towards the workers. Rather, he fired his assistant for the failure then
continued on without a second thought. Some of the workers had secret maps on
them and theres were brought to Fredersen. They take the maps to Rotwang, and
inventor with his own agenda against Frederson. Freder hears the workers
talking of a prophecy and of a man who will come down and unite the working and
upper classes. However, Rotwang makes a false human robot and is determined to
take over metropolis and rule under an ever harsher government. Freder
eventually unites the two classes in a very symbolically charged scene in which
Grot (worker foreman) and Frederson (City Master) hold hands and are linked