Recommendation his friendly and helpful manners along with

Recommendation Letter


I am writing this letter in support of the application submitted
by Mr. Muhammed Gouda

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The first time I met Gouda was this fall semester after he
declared to take the track of Nano-Photonics in his Nanotechnology Engineering
Bachelor’s degree. As the director of the concentraton, I’ve taught him the
introduction to Photonics course and I found that Gouda is an outstanding and
very independent individual with a strong character. He has the ability to
think creatively in a wide variety of areas as indicated in his research
interests and experiences in the fields of Photonics and Electronics. Gouda is
hard-worker, self-motivated, enthusiastic and can express himself well both in
official contexts and in informal discussions. He is known among his colleagues
with his friendly and helpful manners along with his high marks that he is
obtaining in the course that I teach. I find him to be a dedicated student and
I am confident that he will continue to perform exceptionally in his graduate studies.

Regarding Gouda’s chosen track, he has the complete set of
basics in Science and Engineering along with extended knowledge in specific
areas regarding Photonics and other aspects of  Nanotechnology. Gouda has been taught courses
that make him a very strong candidate in many graduate programs since he has a
very good knowledge in various fields like Photonics, Electronics, MEMS,
Micro-fabrication, and has a strong background in mathematics, and physcis.

As a part of the photonics course, Gouda worked on a project that
aims at generating the dispersion curve of a photonic crystal fiber and
comparing the results with the literature. In fact,  the results he got from the simulation was
very close to the results provided in the literature that he got the full mark.
In addition, Gouda is working with his team on a silicon-on-insulator sensor  in the graduation project that’s supervised
by me and Dr.Hamdy Abd elhamid. The target is to design a sensor that has a
significant sensitivity along with its electrical interface. Till now, Gouda’s
team succeeded to innovate an appropriate design after simulating it and some
other designs like the slot and ring waveguides. The next step is to design the
electrical interface. The team is also looking for fund to fabricate the device
once it’s fully designed.

I would recommend Muhammed with full enthusiasm to join your
program as a student with a high level of intelligence, dedication and
self-motivation. I am confident that he will continue to perform great during
his graduate studies for his substantial academic background and diverse
research experience with very reputable colleagues. Please feel free to contact
me if you want any further information.


Dr. Mohamed Farhat


Associate Professor,

Center for Photonics and Smart Materials (CPSM)

Zewail City of Science and Technology

October Gardens

6th of October City, Giza, Egypt

[email protected]