Reality our mind and to think that we

Reality and illusion are always fighting and even
philosophers are thinking the world is real or an illusion. Language is not
stable and unreliable, the time, place and date are contaminated. everything
changes every time. Language is govern by the social economy.

Language is the only thing that connects us to the
world and to the society. Everything is controlled by language. Language is
more powerful than people, it can control our mind and to think that we are
free and the interpretation of our brain is under the construction of the
society. The social existence is a factor that determines our own existence.
Everything is not stable it is the fundamental of the society.

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Reality and
Illusion are factor of the binary oppositions. The structures appeared in the
film signifies binary oppositions. It creates central and marginalize

In the Chinese
movie by Jia Zhangke, The World. It mainly focuses to the life of the woman and
his boyfriend and their role to the society. Her boyfriend and the girl have a
little quarrel in their relationship. It tells about how she will face the
problems and challenges in her life.

The film has inner and outer perspective and
contradictions. The girl is happy and she truly love his boyfriend, but they
end in tragic ending of the film. Their love story ended up. But in the last
scene of the film, the film wants to indicate the viewers to know the hidden
secrets that did not appear in the movie and to understand more about the
confusing ending scene.

In the first scene of
the movie the girl is preparing for the performance in the world park in
Beijing. When she preparing for the performance she’s finding a band aid for
her wound. The focus of the first scene is the band aid.

Band aid is about the inner contradiction and
signifies the middle or the center perspective of the first scene. The girl in
the first scene is very courageous and she is confident with the problems she
will face. The first scene is somewhat secret part of the movie to tell the
viewers what the role of the band aid in the first scene.

The tourist spots in
every part of the world is showed in the second scene like Eiffel Tower, Pyramid
of Giza, London bridge, tower of pizza and other more. The World Park has an
exact copy of the structures and buildings of the tourist spots around the

The character rode into World Park Train, the
Train signifies the gap between the reality and illusion. The Eiffel Tower is always
shown in the scenes. The Eiffel Tower symbolizes and signifies tenderness and

The film is too boring, but the film can be deconstructed
and the other hidden and secret role in every part of the film to know what is
the meaning of the film and to understand or reveal what is in the inside and
outside perspective of the film.

 The world
park in Beijing is the central and the outside of it is the marginal, because
it’s focuses in the gap inside and outside of the world park. And the Train
signifies the gap between the reality and illusion.

The next scene, Tao’s
ex-boyfriend visits Tao to the world park to tell that he will go to Ulan Batur.
They have a small dinner before going to Ulan Batur. The new Russian performers
visits the dressing room of the world park. Taisheng meets Tao’s ex-boyfriend
and he brought him to the train station to buy ticket to go to the airport.

The world park has a copy of structures in other
continents tourist spot. We see tourist spots inside the world park. The woman
visiting to India but she does not going to the country of India, she’s going
to the part of the world park that represents the India.

When we live outside the World Park, Beijing, we
see the real structures of the tourist spots so the world park in Beijing
represents the gap between the perspective of reality and illusion.

Derrida says that, there’s no way to prove
reality, our life is just an illusion all happenings to our life is under the
construction of the society. Our consciousness cannot determine our existence
but the social existence determines our consciousness.

The relationship of
Tao and Taisheng are getting strain and misunderstood, because Tao refuses to
have sex with Taisheng. Taisheng childhood friend Chen Zhijun or “Little
Sister” comes to him because his looking for a job. Taisheng finds a job for
Chen Zhijun or “Little Sister” as a construction worker. Chen Zhijun called
“Little Sister” because his mother wants a daughter.

Chen Zhijun
“Little Sister” is a childhood friend of Taisheng. The “Little Sister”
determines that language is not stable and contaminated. The signifier is the
“Little Sister” because it pertains to a woman and the signified is a man.
Because “Little Sister” is a man and not a girl. His mother wants a baby
daughter so they called Chen Zhijun or the “Little Sister”.

Tao meet a
Russian performers in World Park, her named is Anna. Anna can’t speak Chinese
and Tao can’t speak Russian so Tao and Anna become unlikely friends. She admit
to Tao that she will leave her job and indicate that she must prostitute to
earn money and to see his sister in Ulan Batur.

inconsistencies of this scene are they do not know they language each other.
Language is not stable so the meaning of the word is always unstable, all the
words in the language system is contaminated. Language has no outside

While in the karaoke bar, Tao runs to Anna and she
found out that Anna has indeed become a prostitute. Taisheng proves to possess
in roving eye. One of his associates asks him to drive a woman. Taisheng and
Qun meet in small clothing shop. Then Qun tells Taisheng about her husband that
years before had left China for France.

Taisheng convinces Tao to have sex, and Tao
threatening that she will poison Taisheng if he betrays her. His life became
out of control when he heard about “Little Sister” is killed by accident in
construction site. Taisheng was depressed and sad.

The meaning of this scene is Taisheng betrays Tao
because Taisheng has finding a girl, he doing it because of happiness. And he
doing it because he always depressed and sad because his “Little Sister” died
so he thought that it is the way to became happy.

After the accident of “Little Sister”. The two
performers in World Park, Wei and Niu, announces that they plan to wedding
because Niu is very jealous and not comfortable when Wei talks to other man.

This scene talks about the wedding of the two
performers of the World Park. Niu is jealous when wei talking to the other man.
His not feeling comfortable when his not seeing Wei everyday.

At the wedding, Tao received a text message from
Qun, it has last received her visa to Taisheng, that saying their meeting and
their relationship destined. She believes that Taisheng betray her. Tao wad
depressed and devastated, because of that he cut off his contact to Taisheng.

This scene is focus on betrayal. The betrayal
between the relationship of Tao and Taisheng. Taisheng betray Tao, because he
tried to find another girl. Tao was depressed and very angry. Because of that
he cut off his contact to Taisheng.

While she in house-sits for the wedding, Wei and
Niu. Taishieng comes to visit her. Tao ignores Taisheng. When in their friends’s
apartment they notice that they smell a gas leak from the apartment.

This is the most dramatic scene of the film, where
Taisheng visits Tao, she ignores him. They we’re in friend’s apartment. The
suddenly, they notice that there a gas leak.

Because of the Gas leak they cannot breathe and
suddenly the film fades to black, “Are we Dead?” ask Taisheng, “No” the voice
of Tao responds, “this is only the beginning”.

This final scene is the most confusing and curious
scene of the film, because the viewers think that they we’re dead because of
the gas leak. “This is only the beginning”, that text is very confusing and the
viewers is curious of what happened next. 

The black fades out in the ending scene and it
make the viewers to create a conclusion of the film. The film indicates to the
viewers to let them to reveal the hidden secrets of the film and what is the
role of the ban aid, Eiffel Tower etc.

The experience of Tao is just an illusion. The
interval animations that appear on the scene is illusion. Because it is the
beginning of them in the last scene. Language is unstable it can control our
mindset to think that we are free.

All happenings in our lives is just an illusion
and reality. Because the concept of illusion is useless without reality. Illusion
doesn’t exist without Reality and Reality doesn’t exist without Illusion.

The Conclusion of the film is no one can’t escape
to the language, language control us, our mindset to think that we are free.
Our brain is under the construction of the society. The one that determines our
existence is the social existence.

We cannot fight back against language because
language is more powerful than people. Language can’t be erase it’s permanent
it has no outside perspective.

The ending scene of the film is very confusing,
and the film is about to convince the viewers to have a curiosity and to indicate
what happened to them in the last scene. And to find out what is the role of
them in society. The economy is using us because of money and profit.

Language is unstable, everything happens to us
everyday can be changed, words are not pure it’s contaminated by the language.
Society is powerful it can control us, the powerful that controls the society
is the capitalist and the capitalist is the one who dictates the economy.