Realism They also believe in democratization. They think

and liberalism are two major theories of global politics. In dealing with how
countries are related to each other, they all have opposing views. Realism is a
conservative and pessimistic theory. The state predicts and will act for the
benefit of the nation, no matter how morally it is. This belief stems from
selfish and competitive people. Realism is based on cynicism perspective.
Realists have placed each country in a position to closely observe the actions
of its neighbors, effectively solving problems without regard to moral issues.
Realists just want to keep their own safety. They always need enough strength,
so they can be strong enough to withstand the attack. They think that the
international system itself is anarchic and that peace cannot be achieved
unless it is through power. Realists also do not believe in democratization.
Realists also believe that regardless of democracy, the state will pursue
power. They think that even if both the country and the opponent are
democracies, the country will fight for its own benefit. Realists claim that
only strong nations are key players in real international politics.


is progressive and optimistic. They stressed that the extensive contacts among
nations made it difficult to define the interests of the nation and the
military practicality declined. Liberals believe that the international system
can be manipulated to bring about peace. Liberals believe in such an
organization as the United Nations. In their view, such a system allows
countries to interact in various ways and reduce conflicts among nations. They
also believe in democratization. They think that democracies will not fight
each other. They tend to focus on individual leaders and give way to
non-governmental organizations. Liberals think that military power is not the
only form of power. Economic and social power is also important. The exercise
of economic power has proved that is more effective than the exercise of
military force.

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of the United Nations-Kofi Annan had mentioned that The United Nations is not
interfering for just one team, but for the goal of establishing reunification
among all nations. This therefore eliminates the realist point of view. He said
that the security of each country is one of the goals of the United Nations.
For both theories, I think it depends on what people value most. Whether for
your own benefit or for the benefit of all.