Question other bio degradable waste as pesticides so

Question 1. A Note from
the future

Organic farming and food
processing are the areas where I want to work in future because I have done my graduation
in bio-technology. In our country the productivity of grains and vegetables is
sufficient but the only problem is how we can store them if we analyse price of
vegetables in winter season is very less as comparison to other season just
because of food processing. India is a country where population growth rate is
so high and cultivating land is decreasing day by day so we have to utilise all
the resources in very efficient manner.

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agricultural sector
requires hardship, proper financial planning and awareness of new technologies
used in agricultural sector. I have done my one internship in plant
biotechnology lab where I learnt how we can do efficient production without
putting extra cost and also most of time I am watching videos and read research
paper about food processing and bio agricultural farming. This sector requires
lots of financial planning because of today’s situation.  I am studying various agricultural models why
they are not doing well. Some reasons are lack of financial planning,
commitment and patient. So I want to work in four to five year because I have
to save money which will give back support to me after these five years. I am
also learning how any company get funding specially in agricultural sector.
Major skills that requires in this sector dedication to work and how we can use
scare resources very efficiently. Scare resource means in bio-farming we can
use food waste and other bio degradable waste as pesticides so we have to
figure out every waste product which we can use. The main skill which I have to
learnt financial planning. when and how I have to invest money, how much net
cash inflow and out flow because without financial planning business will
collapse. Then I have to excel my all these skills to achieve my future goals.


Question 2) A Report on
policy Development:

Pie chart


1 refers to sector 1



Line graph





 In here total investment is 331972 US million
Doller and average investment (including all the sectors) is 5269 US million
Doller. From pie chart it is clearly shows that the maximum investment in S50
sector around 18%(60000 million US dollars). Many sectors are lagging in
investment because they are substantially low investment as comparison to
average investment (like sector 21,22,27,28,29,47) which is clearly shown from line
graph. That means we have to invest more in these sectors.

If we want to do
systematic growth the we have to invest equally or near equally because if we
put all our investment defence sector and very less in agricultural sector then
we are facing problem to survive because without food we can not survive.