The administration feels that as long as information

The concepts of machines and self adjusting systems can be applied at different levels of generality in this view of bureaucracy. A government that wants to mean business will tend to seek the approval of the public and a public that is aware of its position of power will seek to influence legislature through its democratic institutions, political parties and pressure groups.

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In order that this triangular system should remain in an equilibrium position that is beneficial to all the free flow of information not only from the public to legislature but also from legislature to the public and among the individual units of the public is essential. If this communication disrupts, there will be a change in the equilibrium position to the benefit of a few.

It is the greatest responsibility of the administrative system to foster greater understanding of these interactive dependencies at all levels of society.

H.G. Rieger discussing the mechanics of administration feels that as long as information input from the client system varies within limits that are more or less precisely given by all construction of the administrative system’s lower and lowest level machinery the situation can be thought of as a closed loop control unit continuously adopting to and holding” some well defined equilibrium position.

Thus, from the view of the units higher up the bureaucratic hierarchy in effect no change is taking place. It is only when information input changes either quantitatively or qualitatively in way that exceeds the adjustive capacity of the control unit that a reorganisation of the administrative machinery becomes necessary.