pr?pertie? pre?ence –420+ h?tel? gl?b?lly in ?ver 75

pr?pertie? under it? 11 ?wned br?nd?. ?? ?f
1 December 2014, ?t?rw??d H?tel? ?nd Re??rt? ?wned, m?n?ged, ?r fr?nchi?ed
?ver 1,200 pr?pertie? empl?ying ?ver 180,400 pe?ple, ?f wh?m ?ppr?xim?tely 26%
were empl?yed in the United ?t?te?.

W?rldwide netw?rk ?f 400+ h?tel?. it h?? ? ?tr?ng br?nd
pre?ence,effective m?rketing c?mp?ign? ?nd ? ?tr?ng hi?t?ry ?f ?tr?tegic ?cqui?iti?n
?nd pipeline devel?pment.?p?n??r?hip ?nd event p?rtner? ?t m?ny gl?b?l event? ?nd
?emin?r?. ?tr?ng br?nd vi?ibility ?nd excellent w?rd ?f m?uth due t? it? cu?t?mized
per??n?lized ?ervice?. it h?? it? h?tel? ?pre?d ?cr??? 70 c?untrie?.

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R?di???n H?tel? – R?di???n H?tel? i? ?n intern?ti?n?l
h?tel c?mp?ny ?nd ? ?ub?idi?ry ?f the C?rl??n Rezid?r H?tel Gr?up. it ?per?te?
the br?nd? R?di???n, R?di???n blu, R?di???n RED ?nd P?rk inn by R?di???n with m?re
th?n 990 l?c?ti?n? in 73 c?untrie?.

T?p n?tch ?ervice ?nd excellent cu?t?mer ? h?? ?
gl?b?l pre?ence –420+ h?tel? gl?b?lly in ?ver 75 c?untrie?.G??dwill fr?m Empl?yee?
?nd cu?t?mer?.They ?ffer re?lly g? de?l? ?nd pr?m?ti?n?l ?ffer? hence ?ttr?cting
m?re cu?t?mer?.P?rent gr?up ?dd? t? br?nd v?lue ?nd high br?nd rec?ll. By w?rking
?n U?ing current ec?n?mic ?cen?ri? t? incre??e clientele thr?ugh ?peci?l p?ck?ge?,
exp?n?i?n ?f the gl?b?l t?uri?m m?rket, they c?uld help impr?ve their m?rket ?h?re.Tr?veller?
?re l??king f?r n?vel de?tin?ti?n? which i? ?n?ther ?re? they c?uld w?rk ?n.



P?rk Hy?tt – The Hy?tt Regency br?nd i? the ?lde?t
br?nd in the c?mp?ny, with the Gr?nd Hy?tt ?nd P?rk Hy?tt br?nd? being intr?duced
in 1980. ??me ?f the?e ?re ?tyled ?? “re??rt” pr?pertie?, ?nd m?y
h?ve ?p?? ?r ?ther recre?ti?n?l f?cilitie?. ?ther br?nd? include Hy?tt Pl?ce,
de?igned ?? ? limited ?ervice ?ffering f?r bu?ine?? tr?veler?. . C?mp?ny’? w?rldwide
p?rtf?li? c?n?i?ted ?f 488 pr?pertie? / h?tel?. it? F??d ?nd bever?ge, b?nquet
f?cilitie?, ?nd c?ll?b?r?ti?n with t?p c?rp?r?te firm? ?re it? ?trength? .Techn?l?gy
upgr?de? fr?m time t? time. Hygiene ?t?nd?rd? ?nd cu?t?mer experience ?re be?t
f?r it. it i? ?ne ?f the m??t p?pul?r h?tel ch?in br?nd?. impr?vement ?n member?hip
pl?n?, cu?t?mer l?y?lty pr?gr?m? c?n help them f??ter their cu?t?mer b??e.

Empl?yee retenti?n t? en?ure better ?ervice? ?nd by ?etting higher
?t?nd?rd? f?r r??m? divi?i?n i? ?n?ther gr?wth ?pp?rtunity f?r them.



Trident H?tel? –Trident H?tel? f?ll? under the ?egi?
?f The ?ber?i Gr?up. The ?ber?i Gr?up h?? pre?ence in ?ix c?untrie? under the
luxury ‘?ber?i’ ?nd five-?t?r ‘Trident’ br?nd. F?unded in 1934, it ?per?te? 30
h?tel?, ? Nile Crui?er ?nd ? M?t?r Ve??el in the b?ckw?ter? ?f Ker?l?. The Gr?up
i? ?l?? eng?ged in flight c?tering, ?irp?rt re?t?ur?nt?, tr?vel ?nd t?ur ?ervice?,
c?r rent?l?, pr?ject m?n?gement ?nd c?rp?r?te ?ir ch?rter?. it f?ll? in the Lei?ure
?nd bu?ine?? tr?veler? ?egment ?nd h?ve ? gre?t qu?lity ?f m?n p?wer. ? very
well defined hier?rchy within the gr?up. They h?ve ? differenti?ti?n b??ed ?n
the  cultur?l herit?ge ?nd diver?ity ?f indi?.
H?wever, they h?ve ? limited m?rket ?h?re due t? t?ugh c?mpetiti?n fr?m intern?ti?n?l
?nd d?me?tic pl?yer?. ?l??, l?ck? ?f gl?b?l vi?i?n le?ding t? ?t?gn?nt gr?wth/exp?n?i?n.


Hence t? c?nclude, e?ch ?f the?e gi?nt? ?re pl?ying their
c?rd? well ?nd hence rightly thi? indu?try h?? been l?beled ?? ? m?n?p?li?tic indu?try.
There i? immen?e gr?wth th?t c?n be ?chieved thi? ye?r. ?? the Budget 2018 i? ?w?ited,
thi? might help t? b???t thi? indu?try.