Project and costs for each task and activity.

Project Charter

1.1  Background

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1.    Jack and Cindy are engaged to be married on March 22nd. Jack is from Chicago and has a large family, his parents own a telecommunication company based in US. Cindy is from Sydney, Australia and she grew up in Sydney Olympic Park. Her parents live in Rhodes, and both of them are currently retired.


2.    Jack and Cindy decided to have a wedding in Waterview Event Venue located in Bicentennial park in Sydney Olympic Park. Since we received an official request from them, we have formed a team to handle this wedding project.


3.    As a project team, our main goal for this project is to establish and develop the best strategic plan for effectively and successfully executing the wedding of Jack and Cindy.


1.2  Governance


Project Manager


1.3  Project Objectives


1.    To complete the wedding project within designated time, budget, and to fulfill both clients and the couples’ satisfaction levels at the same time.


2.    To ensure the quality of Wedding ceremony, and ensure all relevant resources to be covered.



3.    Human resources will be stage decoration staff, sound system operator, electricians, and catering and lighting staff. Other resources will be flowers, carpets, decorative items or wedding commodities, and costs for each task and activity.


4.    To form a team for this wedding project which consists of 15 members to be devoted to this project. Out of these 15, one will be the project manager, two will be sponsors (the bride and the groom), those who have to make major decisions regarding this project, three will be decoration staff, one sound system operator with two staff who assist him, two electricians, one photographer, and three interns who will help a broad range of work.



5.    To coordinate:

·         All team members should be responsible for all activities related to the wedding project.

·         At the end of each stage, each team member should report a milestone whether it has been accomplished or not.

·         Project manager will review each one of work and finalizing the decoration, design, and the plan for the wedding.

·         Printing wedding invitation letters (approximately 150) on time, and distributing to people designated by the bride and the groom.

·         Conducting review meetings frequently in order to identify and confirm the work progress.


1.4  Project Scope


A.   Deliverables:

·         Guest list

·         Ceremony and reception site

·         Wedding invitation letters

·         Desks and chairs

·         Music

·         Flowers

·         Photographer

·         Dresses for both bride and groom

·         Guest book/Registration process

·         Engagement photos

·         Honeymoon accommodations reservation

·         Banquet (food, cake, drinks)

·         Wedding day schedule and parking lot assignment

·         Seating plan for the clients

·         Name attached on each chair

·         Entertainment plan after ceremony

·         Jewelry or accessories

·         Ceremony programs

·         Deliverables originating from project members must meet the quality, estimated budget, and specific criteria.

B.   Exclusions:

·         Instead of hiring a wedding planner, a project manager will design the whole program with respect to advice from other work units.

·         As a request from the bride and the groom, we will not hire a videographer.

·         In consideration of our limited budget, we will not spend money for limousine to wedding.

·         Again, due to limited budget, we will not hire a live band or orchestra.

·         We will not have any religious ceremony during wedding.

·         We will not include appetizers at banquet.


C.   Constraints:

·         Weather constraints: since after party and supper will be held outside of the building, bad weather will be a huge concern.

·         Limited budgets: all programs and arrangement should be within the budget.

·         Limited capacity: the bride and groom want to invite at least 150 guests, but the wedding venue holds only 120 seats. Require to plan how to expand the overall capacity.


D.   Project Budget:


E.   Duration of the project

·         The project team members will contribute 7 hours a day and the total duration of the project is 40 days.


F.    Assumptions:

1)    Both parents will intermittently support our project regarding the decision making to host a wedding and will assist necessary parts.

2)    Both bride and groom (Jack and Cindy) are physically and mentally ready to take this wedding and willing to contribute to the project.

3)    All significant people including family members and friends will be able to present on the date of wedding ceremony.

4)    If necessary, there will be an additional financial support from both parents.