PRODUCT worry of short-circuiting is a very



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we prefer to go on a beach or on the pool, having some soft music play along
without worry of short-circuiting is a very vital thing when it comes to the
world of Bluetooth speakers.

aspects of global warming roaming around, implying more than hot weather
conditions, having a soft music or that commentary play besides me in a cool
beach or in a pool play will soothe my mind. If we have to cross the borders
and much the color of our curious mind with nature, then a Bluetooth waterproof
speaker is a must.

mind people making noises that is a speaker a speaker. It’s like saying a Bentley
car is in the same class with a Toyota Duet, no feelings here, we must
appreciate beauty, if we need to have it around us. We are not willing to get
electrocuted just because we forgot water never mixes with electricity. But from
my little science water can mix with electricity and make fun out of it instead
of tremendous shock.

1. OontZ Angle 3
Portable Bluetooth Speaker

may say this is magic, but my simple response is, its creativity in process. This
OontZ Angle 3 is very much portable and available for your use. Some of its key
features, benefits, advantages and disadvantages are discussed below.

Features and

Angle 3 portable Bluetooth speaker is an IPX5 water resistant model which we can’t
complain when it starts to rain and we are out in the field.

a triangular design in place, I will have no problem with audio clarity as this
design allows for separation between the drivers and the bass radiators.

has a 3.5mm audio cable linked to its AUX-IN jack that allows you to play from
any of the windows 7-8 systems or TVs and even chromebooks in addition to non-Bluetooth

battery powered with a capacity of 2200 mAh which allows you to play the music
for long or listen to your favourite radio presenter for up a half a day when
its fully charged.

Bluetooth speaker has two precision neodymium drivers that can deliver very
clear and clean highs and mids

has a bass radiator that ensures a comfortable bass output even though its
small in size. Size doesn’t matter here, what matters here is delivery. We will
get the best out of this msall-sized speaker


an IPX5 water resistant, rainproof, sandproof and splashproof Bluetooth speaker.
If we are afraid of water destroying our electronics, let us fear no more, we
got the best option to this. We can take shower as we listen to that favourite
music without worry.

is easy to use and we can easily connect our OontZ Bluetooth speaker and play from
any of our iPads, Mac, smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs and even your favourite
ipods upto 30 feet away which should be unobstructed.

the battery for this OontZ Bluetooth speaker is fully charged, we can use it
upto 12 hours assuming our maximum volume is 2/3 only. Its battery has a size
of 2200 mAh rating.

stylish design allows us to lay it down or even make it stand. In fact, it has
no hard corners that can prevent its from playing standing up or laying it
down. The choice is ours.

OontZ Angle Bluetooth speaker is ultra-portable. We can roam with it from place
to place without it being damaged. Indeed, its only 9 ounces, very light for
anyone to carry.

has an in-built mic which makes it efficient to make any phone calls using any
iPhone or a smartphone. It makes music easy to listen provided I connect it
over Bluetooth.

OontZ Bluetooth speaker is distortion free even when playing at full blast. In fact,
its 30 percent louder than the other Bluetooth speaker i.e OontZ Angle 2
bluetooth speaker. This is made possible because of its peak output power which
stands at 10 watts.


playtime may vairy and even be less than 12 hours if its not fully charged.


2. AOMAIS GO Bluetooth Speakers

GO bluetooth speaker has several feautres that brings about its benefits with
somechallenges with its. They includes:

Features and

has dual passive subwoofer for a powerful 30 Watts high definition sound that
allows for optimum bass boom. You can listen to the music on the go without

a 7200 mAh rechargeable battery, this AOMAIS Go delivers a perfect playing
duration of up to 30 hours provided you maintain the volume at 50 percent and
the content we are playing is not that strong.

AOMAIS GO Bluetooth speaker has two full-range drivers and two
passive radiators with an output of 15 Watts enabling a less than 1 percent total
harmonic distortion on my super bass boom

comes along with a 3.5mm which is helpful when using non-bluetooth devices with
the AOMAIS Go speaker.

a TWS pairing only via the Bluetooth for easier connectivity

AOMAIS GO Bluetooth Speakers has a IPX7 water proof
feature that can withstand any full water immersion. Studies shows it can go
under the water for 30 minutes at 33 feet without any damage on it,

I can do a karaoke at my backyard, say a small party with AOMAIS
GO Bluetooth Speakers,
since it comes along with a unique 3.5mm external
microphone which is quite robust.

Its designed in a way it can float easily hence a perfect
partner when we are at a beach or pool party.

It has an emergency
supply power bank just in case you run out of power outdoors. 



easy to use since its operational manual is very direct and to the point

has a perfect and clear sound that makes one enjoy the music without having to
move near it

easy to sync without a lot of drama with bluetooth 4.2 which is normally
installed in smartphones, ipads, iphones and other digital devices.

AOMAIS GO Bluetooth Speakers can survive even whe
its dropped. It has a combact shape that ensures its in shape even after it
drops to the ground.

It can easily connect to any device whether bluetooth or not. We
can do a wired connection with TV and even PC or non-bluetotth gadgets.

AOMAIS GO Bluetooth Speakers can easily pair with two speakers
hence availing us with left and right channels for our spoilt choices.

It comes in array of colors from solid black, to orange, and
even royal blue, a perfect gift for your baby mama.

The AOMAIS GO Bluetooth Speakers comes with a quick start guide,
a 12 month warrant coupled with unlimited customer support



AOMAIS GO Bluetooth Speakers is not eco-friendly since its made from non-biodegradable
material, although we advise for safe disposal.

Portable Wireless Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker IPX6 Waterproof 

is not left behind, it has quite amazing features. They include;

Features and

APIE Portable Wireless Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker IPX6 has a wirelesss portable
bluetooth speaker which allows for impressive stereo sound at high definitions

2 peakers with an output of 5Watts each enabling a powerful, crispy and bass
rich music for our ears and dance.

has in-built mic which are hand-free speakerphone that allow us to pick our
call anywhere when we connect it to a smartphone

a rechargeable battery with a 2200 mAh output enabling it to play for almost 10
hours with a reasonable volume.

APIE bluetooth Speaker IPX6 has dual drivers and subwoofers that allows for
high full-definition sound.

waterproof IPX6 feature supported by rubber shell and its unique design which
can withstand shock, splash, dust and even water. Imagine having waterproof
speakers on a beach. Its amazing experience.


APIE bluetooth has dual 10 watts Speakers that oofer full range power sound incomparable
to its size

2200 mAh battery has long playback time of 10 hours

has an exclusive design that is light, small and allows for easier carriage

durable since the APIE Bluetooth Speaker IPX6 is made high quality TPU material
for protection

arguably the most powerful Bluetooth speaker in the market



shape is not appealing especially for ladies, guys in military may find it


4. VicTsing
Shower Bluetooth Speaker

from having a mini speaker, green in color plus a camping snap hook, a usb
charge cable and suction cup in addition to an English user manual, VicTsing
bluetooth speaker has numerous features and benefits.

Features and

VicTsing bluetooth speaker has powerful silicon cases and interface design
which ensures maximum proof of dust, and shock

an in-built rechargeable battery which can support a 70 percent volume playing
for up to 6 hours

has in-built mic bluetooth speaker with a hands-free function. This allows us
to pick a call in a bathroom or home provided we are connected to a smartphone.

an A2DP support built with a 5 watts speaker that allows for incredible stereo
sound at all times with a full range output as always.

VicTsing bluetooth speaker has a detachable suction and an aluminum alloy
metal hook that allows for convenience hanging or attachment at any place when
on go.


It is shockproof as well as dustproof upto IPX4 level since VicTsing
bluetooth speaker has a silicone cases and interface designs.

VicTsing bluetooth speaker can give you a much better stereo quality with
a high quality as it supports an A2DP and has a 5watts speaker

You can answer a call while in a bathroom or palying golf as it has an
in-built mic that works well when connect to our smartphones.

You can hang or attach VicTsing bluetooth speaker anywhere even on our
clothes as it has a detachable suction and aluminum alloy metal hook that
supports this.

Since it supports bluetooth-enabled devices such as PDAs, iPads or
iPhones, it’s a perfect match for lovers of Bluetooth speakers.


it only upto IPX4  level it can only do
outdoor but water immersion may cause bring operations failure


5. Vtin 20W
Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

20W Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is one of the best waterproof bluetooth speakers
in the market bearing in mind it has upto 20 watts output, quite an incredible
one when it comes to the family of bluetooth speakers.

Features and

has a VTIN punler portable waterproof bluetooth speaker that ensures that water
splash or dust doesn’t damage the device. This VTIN 20 watts speakers provides
a very crisp and clear sound perfect for any outdoor event.

a battery with a capacity of 4400 mAh that can withstand a 70 percent volume
play of music for up to 30 hours, almost 2 days less 18 hours. A perfect choice
for music lover who can’t live without some noise around.

Vtin 20W Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker has a 20 watts high-powered
outdoor speaker that has in-built drivers which produces a loud, powerful and impressive
sound without disharmony.

Has a portable speaker that allows me to carry it to any place I may
visit. Vtin 20 W Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is suitable for driving, camping,
even walking in a game park.


 The performance of Vtin 20W Outdoor Bluetooth
Speaker in relation to its price is incomparable, retailing at around USD
35, this indeed a value for my money.

Vtin 20W Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker is tough and strong making it a
better choice for outdoor activities anytime anyway.

It works well with bluetooth enabled devices such as iPhones, iPads and
other smartphones as well.

It’s very portable as it has a D-Ring design which enables it to be
attached to a hand bag, arm chair or a lawn chair. I can take it anywhere in pursuit
of my favorite outdoor activity.

Vtin 20W Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker works well with deivces that
have AUX ports e.g the MP3 players , PC and even laptops.

Its 3-in-one proof i.e. shockproof, waterproof and dustproof though at
IPX4 level

extra goodies. Some of the accessories that it comes with includes one USB charging
cable, one portable hook that’s metallic and an AUX audio cable.

Vtin 20W Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker has a robust compact shape that
allows for durability.

can engage a single button for multi-purposes e.g. has a long press, short press
for previous songs/next song and volume manipulation and so forth.


cannot be immersed into water unlike IPX6 which can withstand upto 33 feet down
sea level. Hence any immersion may lead to un-expected damage and therefore
abrupt stop of the machine.



need to always make our driving, camping and even pool and beach parties
memorable by choosing the right Bluetooth for the holiday, if I may call it
that way. Key factors when choosing a Bluetooth speaker is compatibility, stylish-design,
water-proof, shock-resistant, dust-proof, price and durability.

on our lifestyle, different Bluetooth speakers will suit our daily activities. Don’t
just rush in making shopping decision for this category. We need to be informed
so that next time you are having a pool or beach party our children can play