Problems of operationsand conversion on number systems such

Problems in different sectors such as in finance, education, research and many more are noweasily solved by the help of modern technological advances and problem-solving. These sectorsin the modern era are becoming bigger and brighter, and problems are becoming a lot morecomplex than ever before. Therefore, experts in the field of mathematics are required by wayof working hard behind the scenes to find, solve complex problems, and implement solutions. Iwant to become one, by gaining relevant knowledge and experience, and contribute towards thefuture discoveries and betterment of society as a whole. I love learning aboutproblem-solving, logics and challenges; this is the reason why I am drawn to mathematics. Ilove getting those Eureka moments. By learning about mathematical methods and techniquesfurther, not only I am learning but also give the ability to apply them in real life problems. In my current maths module on my BTEC course, I have learned matrix methods to solvesimultaneous linear equations; sequence, series, probability and recursion; use of operationsand conversion on number systems such as decimal, binary, hex and octal; representing,gathering and interpreting data, statistically, by identifying trends and patterns based onthe analysed summary data and proven hypotheses. The most relevant practical task on my BTECcourse is designing, implementing and testing applications. Throughout the project, I havemade compilations of pseudo-codes, data dictionaries, test plans, user guides, analysis andevaluations. This shows my ability to write technical documentations, attention to detail andtime management. Based on programming languages and frameworks I have encountered previously,mathematics is required indeed. I took a deep interest in basic number theory, mathematicallogic, algebra, set theory and numerical analysis while learning programming that is why adegree in mathematics is attractive to me. Above all, programming uses both mathematics andscience to solve problems. I completed a 6-session work experience placement at Age UK in Hounslow. As an IT tutor, Iassist the elderly to learn basic IT skills. I also completed a two-week work placement atWest Thames College in Isleworth. The work placement involved researching, editing, printingand posting final materials for the library’s student boards. Throughout my three years in thecollege, these voluntarily work experiences gave me the opportunity to find and developinvaluable skills that I can only acquire from real-life challenges. This includes softskills: team work, communication, problem solving, interpersonal and leadership; patience,perseverance and work ethics. In my leisure time I like to stimulate my mind with a game of chess, Sudoku and other puzzlegames. This improved my logical way of thinking and developed my problem-solving and strategyskills. I update my maths by reading my old revision books which hold the basic structure innumbers, geometry, trigonometry, measures, statistics, probability and algebra. I alsoregularly check the mrbartonmaths website to check for new trends and past papers. Attending university will give me a chance to study the subject I enjoy most in depth. Adegree in mathematics will not only improve my interest in pure and applied mathematics,programming and other mathematical studies that I have acquired throughout my BTEC course andprevious education, but it will also give me the opportunity to choose from a wide range ofcareer options such as working in finance, software, education or research. I am not onlydetermined to excel in my chosen field of study and give one hundred percent, but also give ahardworking attitude which is why I believe I am a suitable candidate for this course.