Presently, economy, drugs and corruption, that makes most

Presently, there are about 56 million Hispanic immigrants living in America. Which makes them the largest immigrant group in the country. Studies have shown that immigrants from Latin America have an issue in the American society, with getting a job. The major causes of poverty among Hispanics is a lack of education, integration, language skills, committing crimes and not graduating from high school. Latin America is an area troubled by crime, bad economy, drugs and corruption, that makes most of the Hispanics migrants cross the border in hope of a better life. This causes the population who has often lack money and education, and do not have a large range of opportunities. Many of these are illegal immigrants and do not have American rights. In the American law, it says that it is illegal for an employer to hire an undocumented immigrant. With no other opportunities, forces them to settle with the fist illegal, low-payed job they are offered, and with lack money makes them also settle in the same parts of the country and in the same poor neighborhoods with their own people. Shown by a graph from Pewhispanic the states with the highest numbers of Hispanic immigrants are California and Texas, because to their closeness to the border and high availability of work (numbers from 2008). The Latino’s poor society easily prevent them from living where they want and doing what they want. Living in their own society and not give the American society a chance will not help them further. There is one interesting statement from a credible source Pewhispanic, that Hispanics are raising share of the U.S. population. In 2015, Hispanics made up to 17,6% of the total U.S. population which is a quite high percentage. This might be seen as a negative issue by Americans. The poverty that the immigrants descend from, leads often to committing crimes. As earlier stated, crime plays a big part in the Hispanic society, and the attitude against the law is different from the American law. In the poor Hispanic neighborhoods, there are little impact on the immigrants from the American citizens, because many who live in these areas commit crimes to survive. These criminal actions are often connected to drugs and gangs, which leads them to difficult environment, and difficult to get out of. There is said that the Latinos often try to avoid speaking English, and actually speak Spanish more regularly than Americas official language. In the Hispanic communities, they can still speak their own language and are so not pressured into speaking English. While most of them can speak English, they do have an option to speak it or not. This makes the Hispanic community stronger together, and the immigrants attracts more immigrants due to their need for closeness. This has resulted to a huge issue where it is not unusual that Hispanic immigrants are being stereotyped as criminals, illegal or poor because of how things work in the Hispanic neighborhoods. The criminal behavior in the streets has caused a natural result of poverty and isolation. Selling drugs and stealing weapons are just two of a large scale of crimes. The Hispanic immigrants are not able to disassemble themselves from this awful circle of poverty, crime and isolation due to loss of resources. Because of the government´s terms and conditions, they are not offered any kind of support to make them able to integrate more to the society. For example, the immigrants cannot accomplish a good enough education to receive higher-payed jobs, since college is way too expensive for them to pay. They can neither afford to move away from the Latino areas, neither develop their economy without any kind of help. The Hispanic immigrants find it enormously difficult to try to change the bad circumstances they are dealing with, which makes many accept their fate and turn to exploiting social security. In America though, working hard is simply not good enough if you do not have anything from the beginning. Finally, the reality is that the Hispanic immigrants have a lot of disadvantages when it comes to integration. Their poor foundation gives them barely no other option than to follow the stream and become a part of this. They will not adapt to the American society and prefer the Latino-American society. Crime, low payed jobs and no education which are the most three important parts of this society, the society will slowly continue to grow stronger. They can basically not participate to the community without any resources, and will not integrate properly before they get a huge opportunity to do it. The hope of achieving the American dream do not always become as successfully after all.