Police brutalityPolice should get laid off or fired

        Police brutalityPolice should get laid off or fired because their Police brutality is one of the most violent hate crimes in America. Police Brutality comes from mostly racism and their abuse of authority . Also what started up brutality by policeman was that slavery was just abolished in December in 1865, which some people didn’t agree with. When they tried to stop it and prevent it from happening it didn’t get no better and more people got hurt.It all began when an Alabama State trooper swings his rod at the head of the head of 25 year old Senator John Lewis in 1965.  After the Civil War policeman expressed their self be lynching and beating people of a form of harassment. Also Not to long later a riot broke out in New York with immigrant protesters, with at least 8,000 protesters and was explained to be an orgy of cruelty, striking men, women, and children without discrimination. This was one of the first of many more police brutality crimes. When people protested, policemen abused their power since they have a uniform and a gun, they believe they can control your opinion.Racism, Racism, Racism. When Slavery ended people were mad and of course whites still had comments and feelings about it, but couldn’t do nothing about it except to have authority above them. First it all started in Salem lead with the help of Martin Luther King Jr. Police had hatred against African Americans and didn’t like how they thought to march from Salem to Montgomery about the killing of Jimmie Lee Jackson . In the middle of the peaceful march the police interrupted with their clubs and tear gas attacking the marchers for no reason at all. After that African Americans came together and created the Black Panther Party lead by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale for self defense of the brutality. This group started a fight with about every cop they seen which lead up to Huey Newton killing a cop at one point.