Philosophy. way to go about living life is

    Philosophy. What exactly does this word mean? “Philosophy is the study of the theoretical basis of a particular branch of knowledge or experience”. This simple word could lead to thousands or even millions of unanswered questions such as What is life? Is there some kind of key to understanding what life is? If there is a key then how do we go about finding this key to life? Those are some question that no human truly has the answer to, but with help of philosophers like Rene Descartes we, gain ideas of what may be the answer to those questions. Rene Descartes theory shows us the way to go about living life is based on the amount of rationality and understanding of one’s decision and with those two things we could either unlock more parts of life or be denied from various parts of life. Overall opportunities can be bestowed or averted based on one’s understanding of life.    Rene Descartes was born on March 31st, 1596 at La Haye en Touraine. Descartes family belong to the noblesse de robe (Juridical Nobility). His father was a council member in the provincial parliament. His mother died of a lung infection of a few days after his birth. Descartes also suffered from a delicate constitution and his health was a subject of great concern. Nonetheless Descartes was extensively smart in 1604 at the age of eight Descartes attended Jesuit college where he studied theoric and logic, the mathematical arts which included music, astronomy, metaphysics, natural philosophy and ethics which equipped him  for his future as a philosopher; he also earned his law degree at the age of twenty-two at the University of Poitier at 1616. Descartes, Later on, joined the army during 1618-1619 at Breda, Holland. During which he got acquainted with the Dutch scientist and philosopher Isaac Beekman who became Descartes influential teacher. In 1619, Descartes began traveling and settled in Neuburg, Germany where he hid, a while later in 1619 Descartes found himself having a series of extraordinary dreams that led him to believe he was destined to find a universal science based on mathematics.Descartes continued to travel Europe, in 1622 he continued to work on his philosophy surrounded by scientist and mathematicians. By the year of 1628 Descartes presented her philosophical idea to the public.    According to anonymous individual philosopher Descartes philosophy is based on four rules that he outlined for himself ” Never accept anything except clear and distinct ideas, divide each problem into as many parts needed to solve it, order your thoughts from the simple to the complex and always check thoroughly for oversights”These rules made  Descartes the of modern philosophy he accepted things based on what he sees and what could be proven true he had a reliable method of human discovery. Choosing to divide each problem is a way to make even the hardest of decisions a lot easier because as Descartes third law states “order your thought from simple to complex” by separating your thoughts and problems you face you are more able to accept and think through information provided to you to that enables you to make a decision. As you start solving problems step by step you find yourself moving from simple problems to complex problems.In the year of 1641 marked the appearance of “Meditations on First Philosophy” which according to Justin Skirry discussed life on both sides a religious a form and scientific.(Justin Skirry)” Descartes state that his purpose in showing that the human mind or soul is really