PhD research will also aim to explore the

                                      PhD Research Proposal

Project Title-Building a Sustainable Industry:A conceptual study of  new integrated digital and sustainable construction Industry.

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Research Interest: Digitalization has brought significant changes to most industries by changing business environment and maximizes profit at the same time. This research aims to explore challenges faced by the construction industry and to examine in more depth factors that led to these challenges, which is causing majority of firms within this industry not to adopt new integrated digital technology.Digitization is about businesses encountering connected systems at every link in the value chain (Roland, 2016). It is about working with tools and practices based on information and communication technology (Roland, 2016). This perceptive is continously changing the role of digital technologies. They are no longer consider as tools to assists organizations to do the same things a bit better. Rather, they significantly changing ways of doing  business.A glance at other industries shows the extent to which digitization is turning proven and familiar practices on their head. For instance, the  music industry digital offerings already account for 46% of total sales worldwide(Roland, 2016). On this kind of scale, it is certainly reasonable to speak of a revolution especially as one has to assume that digitization has replaced legacy business models in their entirety (Roland, 2016).Majority of players in the construction industry today are applauding the transformation and potential of digitalization and the positive impact its already creating on the overall business environment. According to one study by the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK), 93% of companies agree that digitization will influence every one of their processes (Roland, 2016).  This perception places construction on a par with retail and only just behind both the manufacturing industry and service providers despite the fact that the needs and approaches of different actors vary very considerably (Roland ,2016).The research will also aim to explore the hidden potential with the implementation of new integrated digital technology to facilitate sustainability in the construction industry.The central question that this research include:

1.      What are the major barriers to adopting digitalization in the construction industry?


2.      Are there other industries benefiting from digitalization?If yes, to which degree digitalization is already implemented and how are they profiting from it?


3.      How can construction industry develop a general business model for sustainability concept?


Research Plan:The current research will combine both theoretical and empirical evidence empirical evidence,to investigate and solve some of these challenges and current business models, associated with the construction industry.


Theoretical evidence:Literature review,Qualitative analysis (individual depth interviews and group discussion),Quantitative analysis (questionaires, surveys and telephone interviews).

Emprical evidence:Live case study of current business model and technology and to investigates areas where new digital technology can be implemented to improve business and facililate sustainability.


A provisional timetable for the research:


Time Period

Anticipated Activities


Year One
September 2018 – december 2018

In depth reading around the areas such as:
·          Innovation, Digitalization, Sustainability.
·          Organization change and structure.


January 2019- march 2019

In depth reading around the areas such as:
·         Qualitative analysis.
·         Quantitative analysis.


April 2019-June 2019

Continue reading


July 2019- September 2019

·         Preparation and  drafting of literature review.
·         Preparation of  methodology.
·         Begin to list out participating construction companies.


Year Two
October 2019 – december 2019

Data collection begins


January 2020- March 2020

Data collection continues


April 2020 – June 2020

Data collection completed


July 2020 – September 2020

Initial attempts of Data Analysis begins


Year Three
October 2020 – December 2020

Data Analysis continues

January 2021- March 2021

Data Analysis continues

April 2021- June 2021

Data Analysis completed

July 2021 – September 2021

Begin planning write up

Year Four
October 2021 –December 2021

Final write up begins

January 2022 – March 2022

 Final write up continues

April 2022 – June 2022

Final write up continues

July 2022- September 2022

Completion of final write up




Roland B. (2016). THINK ACT: Digitalization in the construction industry.