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Pharon Murphie Mr. BoerU.S. History, Period C 24 January 2018Washington vs Du Bois  African Americans had it rough in American history. They were once slaves and wanted to be their own person. They later became their own person, but still desired reformation due to the inequality between blacks and whites. Two leaders were striving to achieve this goal and their names were Booker T. Washington and W.E.B. Du Bois. Although Washington and Du Bois were both African American Educators, they would disagree with each other on education and political rights for blacks. Washington proposed vocational education, while Du Bois proposed higher education for the future of African American citizens.Booker T. Washington was born a slave and later became a free man. He dedicated his life to teaching vocational training rather than liberal arts education. He believed that industrial jobs and education was far more important than arts or history education. This would make sense because the economy was growing on industrial factories and depended on labor workers to these jobs. The whole nation was growing in size and economic power. Washington thought of a new progressive idea of teaching African Americans these jobs which they were to complete during slavery. This was his solution to a greater and more successful future for African Americans.W.E.B. Du Bois had a different experience in his life. He grew up in the North and was never a slave, but he did experience racism in the south. His educational ideas focused on liberal arts and teaching. Du Bois wanted African Americans to learn liberal arts and not just vocational education. He wanted to inspire people to do more than labor work and transcend into an even greater position in society for the future of African Americans. He believed in the “Talented Ten”, meaning 10% of a group have a higher level IQ and need to take advantage of it. He wanted African Americans to get involved in politics and make a change in the world for the future of the people snd the nation.In conclusion, Washington and Du Bois viewed the role of blacks in society differently. Washington took the simple route that accommodated to the whites by telling African Americans to accept segregation and gain economic freedom by becoming the labor force need for factories. All Washington seemed to really want was to increase economic statues of African Americans. Du Bois however, was more progressive in the fact that he didn’t want just economic freedom for African Americans but also political freedom. Washington didn’t focus on political power, but wanted to make a quick solution to give blacks the freedom to make money and live their lives separate from the whites. Both leaders had interesting solutions, but I have to agree with Du Bois because it would be a  better solution for blacks to take political power and work in politics to change the world, instead of Washington’s solution of laboring work. Du Bois wanted to take the leap forward for the blacks, but Washington did not take such a leap. Laboring work won’t change the world for African Americans, but with politics there is a greater chance, a greater leap.