Performance of the organization driven by the line

Performance management Definition:

management is the continuous process in which we  set the goal of the organization and identify
the KPI . Strategy or goal of the organization driven by the line manager. Performance
management is the ongoing feedback so that employee can improve their
performance. Assessment  is done on the
base of criteria that will be defined during deciding  the objectives of the employee. Performance
appraisal is important component of the organization. Then review and
developing the gaps that  is basically
difference between actual and expected performance of the employee .identify
gap through SWOT analysis. Either performance is right or wrong.

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Compensation management:

is the process in which we employee contribute efforts to achieve the
organization goal. then organization compensate with employee in the form of  money bonuses ,incentive

They are
many factor that influencing the compensation, the organization capacity to
pay, the organization philosophy to give the rate to the employee on the base
of qualification and relevant experience compensation literally means to
translate among the countries and even overtime compensation is basically
motivating factor for the employee to encourage for hard work. if good
compensation is absent then performance of the employee effect the organization.
The good compensation reduce many problem in the reduce
employee turnover rate, low job satisfaction, low productivity. An incentives
program is design on monitory or non-monitory reward and prize

Roll of the Performance and
compensation   management:

compensation work effectively it is benefit for the organization and can be effective if everyone work 
the collaboratively managers, staff, human resource, all play important
roll. To attract the capable employee to the organization. Capable employee
enhance the organization productivity and performance of the
motivate employee towards achieve the organizational goal. Compensation plays
the important roll to reduce employee turnover rate and to achieve the internal
and external equity. Employees raise their performance level to achieve the
compensation and incentives, compensation. Compensation is key roll to motivate
the employee to achieve the organization goal