Peraturan covering attitude, knowledge, and skills”. Educational practitioners

Peraturan Pemerintah Nomor 19 Tahun 2005
about National Education Standards Bab  1 
Pasal  1  ayat  4
states that “The Competency Standards of graduates is a qualification of
graduate competencies covering attitude, knowledge, and skills”.
Educational practitioners especially teachers are required to work hard to
realize what is mentioned in Ketentuan Umum (General Provisions) Pasal 1 ayat 2.
The process of learning in the classroom becomes the foundation of graduates
who are not only able to master knowledge, but also expected to have adequate
attitudes and also skills. To achieve qualified graduates in various matters
both attitude, knowledge, and skills, curriculum is formulated at each level of
education consisting of several subjects and is expected to support the
competence of graduates.

English is one of the subjects that taught
in school. In Indonesia, English is applied as
foreign language. So that English teachers have huge responsibility to ensure
the students master English well. There are four skills that should be mastered
by the students in learning English. The first one is speaking skill. Speaking
skill is an ability to communicate effectively with other. This skill allows
the speaker, to convey the message in a passionate, thoughtful, and convincing
manner. Speaking skill also helps to assure that one won’t be misunderstood by
those who are listening. The second one is reading skill. According to Lestrud
(2013), reading skill lead a person to interact and gain meaning from written
language. The third one is writing skill. And the last is listening skill. When
we learn a language, these are four skills that mention above should be
mastered by students. The mastery can be seen through the students’ English

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to Travers (1970: 447) achievement is the result of what an individual has
learned from some educational experiences. Besides, Garrison, Kingston, and
McDonald (1955-1964: 331) was defined achievement as the progress pupils make
toward the goals and objectives of the curriculum, then they assert further
about the definition that achievement may be the one’s ability or the extent of
his/her knowledge in a specific content area. Students’ English achievement is
acquisition of knowledge or skills on English subject which can be seen through
test scores or numerical value. The factors that affect students’ English
achievement can be divided into internal and external factors (Slameto, 2003).
The internal factors usually come from the students themselves such as low
motivation to do better in the subject taught at the school and negative
self-concept (Diem, 1988; Diem, 1998; Fitriani, Diem, & Saripudin, 2007).
External factors usually come from the parents, facilities and infrastructures,
economic status, and also classroom environment.

English achievement of senior high school students was low proved by the
compared score of National Exam in 2015 and 2016. English was included as one
subject of National Exam. The result of National Exam of senior high school in
2016 shows descent than 2015. Indonesian Minister of Education, Anies Baswedan,
shows the result of evaluation of senior high school National Exam 2016 that
was joined by 2,2 million students on paper based National Exam and 765, 542
thousands students who was joined computer based National Exam. The average
score of senior high school students National Exam of private and public school
2015 is about 61,29 while in 2016 is about 54,78. It was decreased about 6, 51
point. It is because students’ honesty is increased by implementing of computer
based National Exam. But, it was not balanced by the high achievement. Based on
the data of the result of National Exam, students’ achievement was still low.

improve students’ achievement, the teacher needs to used a good learning media.
Using media is also an effective tool for the teacher that makes the students
more easily understand the contents or messages that contained in a subject,
especially for Senior High School. According to Rohani (1997: 97-98) using
audiovisual media in learning process is very effective way to improve the
thinking ability of the students. One of the advantages of audio visual can
prepare human resources or best outcome through quality of education.