People one of the main benefits of improving

People should not
return to traditional medicine in the advancement of medical technology this is
because medical technology in modern lifestyle plays important role in medicine
it can cure the disease that is common in our life. Medical technology is a
broad such as pharmaceuticals, the development of medical devices and equipment,
biotechnology and so on while these advanced technologies we can reduce the
pain but can quickly treat the disease. This will make a significant
contribution to improving the health of people all around the world. Therefore,
modern medical technology is considered as the most effective and safety there
is also enhances the productivity and efficiency of a healthcare system and
lead them to sustainable development. Firstly, modern medicine is an important
part of the medical technology for diagnosis and treatment. They will use
advanced medical equipment to diagnose and treat, let us more clearly and
understand the condition of the illness. Nevertheless, medical devices and
equipment technology has made a major contribution to modern life and are one
of the main benefits of improving living standards and innovating in medicine. For
example, the surgery is a better monitoring system and a comfortable device
medical technology allow patients to recover in a short-term. Although in
modern society medicine is derived with technology add chemical but it must
pass strict inspection and proved by medical practitioners. When these tests
are available, they can be given a fixed dose of standard medicine to patients
is age or disease severity. On the other hand, traditional medicine still
important to society this is because traditional medicine is a basic
combination of belief, facts, customs, practices as well as medicinal herbs there
usually passed on from one generation to another. Herbal medicine is widespread
availability for rural residents, herbs tend to be inexpensive compared with
the modern medicine because even though is an individual can easily plant it at
home. In traditional medicine, herbs are available to most people because these
medicines contain more natural ingredients for safer to use and therefore do
not suffer from side effects caused by the use of overly essential medicines.