Participating belong to a wide range of abilities,


Participating in teaching and being an
educator is a core integrated aspect of pharmacy, whether it’s teaching as a
future academic or educating inexperienced staff or pre-registration students.
However, teaching doesn’t start after qualification, it begins as a student.
This signifies the importance of my goals as a teacher commences with teaching vital
pharmacy skills to my peers and its application in the real world to cultivate
health care standards.

Learning is a teacher’s primary concern thus I
have found through my experiences that my knowledge on the notions of learning
must be up to par to covey the teaching material. (7) The art of teaching is showing
how to apply theory, as the relation between theory and practical activities is
the basis of educational learning. Students should be able to act from
experiences and utilise pre-obtained skills to engrain actions to skills. (1) The
theory of learning can be conceptualised by Kolb’s four stage model, starting
with ‘concrete experience’ which is the notion that a student can probe a hypothesis
far outweighing merely passively accessing information. Following is
‘reflective observation’ where analytical dissection of experiences bridges
theory to practice. ‘Abstract conceptualisation’ is the maturation of the
initial experience to self-learning and finally ‘active experimentation’
integrates the revised methods generated producing a new tangible experience.
This cycle construes reflection for both teachers and learners, thus its
adaptable application can benefit my teaching development and my peer’s
achievements. (2)

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To determine if my teaching approach could
achieve my goals as a teacher is based simply on aiming to be a ‘good teacher’,
to do this my reflection has an imperative part in teacher development. (2) Reflection
concentrates on making connotations from experiences to inform future decision
making. A theorist named Dewey (1993) proposed the reflections value is a distinct
form of problem solving integrated on a platform of experiences to be viewed as
an active intellectual process. ‘Inclusive education’ is cultivating the students
that belong to a wide range of abilities, a good teacher should be able to
facilitate the dynamic setting of a classroom. Fruitful execution of inclusion
is subject to the student’s attitudes predisposed by teachers experiences and
knowledge of the students. (6)

Culturally germane pedagogy could have been employed
further for any culturally diversity among my peer’s students due to social
structure differences, so my teaching should identify these. (4) To overcome
this, self-reflection as a teacher is highly useful to realise the
importance of teaching being a modifiable concept and to be able to accommodate
teaching styles to the audience. The audience cannot be preconceived to be alike,
there is diverse ethnicities, ages and backgrounds so I took into account
different learning styles to benefit my peers to make the most of their

Taking part in educating others involves both
being a pharmacist and an educator simultaneously, (8) so after my teaching
experiences I now know how to comprehend multitasking the role I play in
teaching and the knowledge I possess to implement information in my peers.