PART come true sometimes. I can also consult


My total score is 49.
My respective scores in 5 areas are as follows: Self awareness my score 12 out
of 15. Self regulation my score 12 out of 15. Motivation my score 7 out of 15.
Empathy my score 10 out 15. Social skills my score 8 out of 15. I fall into the
category of 35- 55 which states my EI is ok.

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My lowest scores from the quiz are 7 out of 15 in motivation
and 8 out of 15 in social skills.

•          If we
have strong will power we can improve anything we want. If I have to improve my
motivation in many areas I have to do small things with great love. Also I have
to remain positive in certain situations irrespective of the negativity. The main
area in which I can improve my motivation is my workplace. I am looking for a
job in that organisation in which I can receive both monetary and non-monetary
incentives, participation in decision making and good superior subordinates. My
dream is to work for Google although I am under qualified for this
organisation. As we know that dreams come true sometimes. I can also consult a
career counsellor so that I can know my skills and abilities which will help me
in improving my motivation skills.       

My next lacking indicator is social skills. There are
many ways to overcome a problem.

Social skills simply relates to society. I can improve
it many ways. I am a very shy person and very negative person. Making new
friends so that I can able to know people how good or bad they are. As stated
earlier I have to remain positive even in negative situations. We can remain
positive in negative situations by adopting a healthy habit of meditation, yoga
and worshipping. I can also be a part of non-government organisations and not
for profit organisations which could help in dealing in severe social issues in
the society. It will result in building my self confidence and self awareness.
Being a part of Red Cross society help me in building social relationships with
many people even with the disadvantaged people of the society. However it will
wash my sins.


•          I
think there are many opportunities in MGT 266 class the exercises we do in the
class tells us about the indicators lacking in us which results in building EI.
The group activities we do in class gains our self confidence and I also made
new friends in class and we exchanged our contacts. The tutorial and
inspirational videos I watch in class tell me about the different types of EQ.
Moreover, this class will enhance my management skills in future and I can get
a better job in a great organisation. My workplace also has the opportunities
because it is adding an experience in my career irrespective of what the work





















Stress is both good and bad for our body. If we take less
stress that is a problem and if we take more stress that is also problem. So it
is better if we take a moderate amount of stress. Everyone has chronic and
episodic stressors in his or her life. I also have these
stressors in my life.

1.      Chronic
stressors are ongoing part of our lives. Small
quarrels in family which is and complaints from customers in the workplace
which relates to work according to me.

2.      Episodic
stressors) which occurs oftentimes or rarely.
Saving the money for tuition fees and the death of a loved one like a family
member according to my perspective.

 Everything has an impact of stress affects our
health, thinking or well-being.   When I
was in final year of the high school there was a subject named accountancy
because I was weak in this subject. I had a huge stress but I was successful in
overcoming the stress by taking tuitions from the best teacher in my city. I
believed that if I wouldn’t take stress at that time I would be fail in that
exam. But according to me stress increased my IQ especially in studies. But
stress affected me when I come to family issues. I had family issues at past
which resulted in loss of weight and the loss of my social circle. Stress made
my performance and behaviour effective and efficient in the workplace when we
receive complaints from outsiders. So it means stress is somewhat good or bad.


Problem-focused coping
strategy deals with how we get rid of our problems that are affecting us. For
example when I completed my 10th grade I was having problem in
choosing the stream I wanted. I consulted a career counsellor he took an
aptitude test of me and indicators indicated were commercial skills. So I had
chosen commerce in 11th grade and that decision proves to be
fruitful to me.

Emotion-focused coping
strategy deals with negative emotions and situations how to reduce them. As I
stated earlier there are some family issues in past. It resulted in anxiety. I
distracted my mind towards travelling and it made me wanderlust. Whenever I see
negative situations around me it made me embarrass. To cope up with these
situations I start watching comedy movies, listen to devotional songs and attend
hymns at the temple.

these are some real life examples of these strategies.

I partial agree with
statement that technology is contributing to the stress. As we all know that
excess of everything is hazardous. If we use technology to an extent it can
less contribute to stress. But nowadays people are more addicted to the new
technology which means more stress is arising. People are inclined towards it.
As we talk about automatic banking it is contributing to the stress because
there are so many frauds happening in this type of banking. This makes people
depressed because a big amount of money is lost. Digital technology badly
affects students. It distracts them badly which results in poor grades. It
results in stress. But if this technology is used properly it will no longer
contribute to stress. It is beautiful gift from the mankind.