Pakistan therefore many government schools students left the

Pakistan education system:

days education system in Pakistan is very bad. Pakistan education system is
ruled by present government minister which named is federal minister of
education. Pakistan government should make policy to give free education to the
children of 5 to 16 years age. The Pakistan education system is divided into
different levels i.e. 1st to 5th class elementary
level,  6th to 8th
middle or junior, and 9th to 10th high level. After
school intermediate level started which from 11th to 12th
and after intermediate level university level.

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(1) Elementary level:

Pakistan education system is adopted from the British. Pre school education
system is from 3 to 5 years of children. In pre school education system 3
stages are included like playgroup, nursery and prep. After pre education
system student is moved to elementary level which is from 1 to 5th
standard. Private VS Government , Private school education is good .They
provide all the facilities to the student. Private school fee was too much
therefore many peoples didn’t afford it. But on other hand the government
school education is very bad. The government schools didn’t give the facilities
to the students .The private schools teacher give full attention to the
students but the government teachers didn’t pay attention to the students,
therefore many government schools students left the schools.

(2) Middle or junior high level:

completing 5th standard education student moved to the middle junior
high level which is from 6th to 8th class. In private
schools teacher focus on the basic building blocks of the students which are
English, Urdu and Math’s but in government schools teacher didn’t focus on
these basic things which is important for the students. Pakistan ministry of
education should look after these misshapes situations that create neglection
and miss management of the system. They should have authority to make a proper
system so that Pakistan education system can be improved and can progressed.

(3) High level:

completing 8th standard education student moved to 9th to
10th class. In which students choose different subjects to study
like medical, engineering and arts. In private school facilities available for
the students which helps him in there studies and they get positions in the
board. On the other hand government schools didn’t give facilities to their
students therefore they didn’t get position in the board exam. Pakistan
government should provide all the facilities to the government school so, the
students which are studying in government school also get position in the board
exams and top in the board.

(4) Intermediate level:

completing matriculation students choose college where they get their
intermediate education. In intermediate level students choose different
subjects which they are interested in like medical, engineering and arts
subjects. In private colleges teacher make sure that all of the students have a
proper mind set in which subjects they are interested in. On the other hand the
government teacher didn’t tell the students which subject to choose. The
education of government colleges is not very corporative but the education of
the private colleges was very corporative and good. Pakistan government should
take action against the government colleges and government teachers to make the
system correct so, that student studying in government colleges get position.
This is the main problem which should be solved by the government to make all
the government and private institutes equal.