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Political science 202Mr. LarsonTENNANCOUR POLITICAL PLATFORM

Tennancour Political Platform 2017 I do not believe in
dedicating myself to a specific party, I have ideas and opinions that do not
always agree with one party, so I would rather not identify with one or the
other, just as myself.I believe that the writers of the constitution had the
best interests of our country in mind when drafting the paper that is the
groundwork of our government, but they lived in a different time. Since then
many of the things that were writing about are old and outdated, they either
don’t exist or have changed. We have the internet and cell phones that weren’t
around then and many other things that they didn’t have so it wasn’t a problem
for them to be mentioned and protected by the constitution from the law. I
believe that the constitution should be updated to fit in with our modern
standard of living to include things that we have now and to get rid of parts
that do not apply to the people of today. If we keep adding amendments to it,
it’s going to make the document longer as time goes on and the problem of it
being outdated is still going to be there. The next couple of generations might
have things that we would never have thought of or even know what half of the stuff
that we have and the constitution might not apply to them, the same way some of
it doesn’t apply to our current generations and the same way it is for the
writers and everything that we have today. This does not mean to rewrite it but
to keep it up to date and keep all the ideas and structure of the document the
same. We do not have a militia to be regulated or slaves that count as 3/5 of a
white man or any other free person so things like that could be updated or
taken out completely and wording could be changed to modern language and
grammar. I believe that immigration is not as bad as everyone thinks it is.
Immigrants have constitutional rights as much as legal citizens. They do not
have all the rights legal citizens do, but they have the basics. I think that
the DACA program is a good thing for immigrants who are here illegally solely
based because it’s for kids and families that only wanted to best opportunity
and a chance to have a different and better life. There are requirements to be
eligible to receive a work permit and remain in the country, so it means that
not every person can get one. For example, a couple of requirements are: that
you must be in school or at least have a high school

Tennancour Political Platform 2017 diploma, be an honorably
discharged veteran in the military, and have not been convicted of any serious
crime. Immigrants help the economy by making the United States money and doing
the less desirable jobs usually for less pay. Even though it isn’t fair that
they do not get paid the same amount an American would, they are here to give
their family a better life and that’s all they want, and for most illegal
immigrants that’s what they come to the United States for. Whether or not they
are in the United States illegally, they have the same rights that Americans
have except for the right to vote, own a gun, and aren’t allowed to have select
jobs because they are still people who want to live in our country and be
considered as one of our people. It’s a long process to become a legal citizen
and DACA could be an option for them until they have gone through the process
and are granted legal citizenship and then it wouldn’t be a problem for them to
live here. There is no way to know how long a person or family will be able to
renew their visa if or when they become legal citizens.  I feel that there should be a basic level of
healthcare for people who cannot afford it or have a job that doesn’t have
those kinds of benefits. For the people whose jobs have good benefits then that
is up to them. But for people to not be able to get the care they need because
they do not have enough money or whatever it is, seems cruel. It’s not the
people who have money and live in a good home and are able to take care of
themselves that need the most healthcare, it’s the people who do not live in
good neighborhoods, the people who are struggling to get by that need the most
help. All those people need are the basics covered so they do not have to worry
about how they are going to take care of themselves or their family. A couple
of years ago most people were not able to get health insurance so people who
were born with pre-existing conditions were out of luck and could not get care.
To put whether parents and families can save their baby because of money is
wrong. It should not be up to the family to save their child, it should be
granted to them. Children are the future, they should be saved and protected at
all costs if it is something that can be done and be treated. A family should
not have to lose a child because they could not afford it. If people think that
taxes going up to

Tennancour Political Platform 2017 give families who can not
afford healthcare isn’t fair to them, or a rise in their insurance plan, then
there is something wrong with their morals. If the positions were switched I am
positive that they would want help in any way to make sure that their family
would be in good health. If something can be done to help people live a better
life at the cost of people who have more money must pay a little more, it
should be done to make our country a better place. I believe that politics are
controlled by people who are rich. To go along with that I believe that our
country runs on money. Everything is always about money. If a person offers you
money to lean a little towards a subject that you do not care about or an
opinion, why would you not take the money and forget about your morals? But it
is not fair for people who do not have the money or aren’t high in society and
cannot influence politicians or anybody who is high up to make a difference.
And the problem with people or interest groups giving money to political
offices is that you cannot take away their right to do what they want with
their money. Those interest groups and other higher-ups could have hundreds or
more people going against your opinion and then it’s up in the air as to how it
could play out. The person who we elected would not be listening to us or
thinking about what is best for us just because they want the money or to be
re-elected more than pleasing the public. They are supposed to like public
servants, to listen to the people and have our interest in their heart. So, we
should be able to trust them to do the right thing without money or promises
from lobbyists or interest groups or wealthy people getting in the way. There
is no way to know how much power interest groups or other individuals have to
influence a politicians’ opinion, it could be more than being loyal to
constituents so if a person is not doing their duty to their people then they
are in the wrong line of work and should not be in office. People in office
should be more concerned with their approval rating than listening to outside
people trying to get their way. If officials were focused on pleasing the
public and doing what is best for them then they would get reelected without
having to receive money from parties of people that may want them to change
their vote or stance on a subject.

Tennancour Political Platform 2017 I believe that the public
is not aware that there is a bias in media. You may not be getting your
information from a neutral source, especially about politics. Their favorite
media source may lean to the left or right on the political spectrum. The
people may think that they are being well informed when they are only hearing
half the story that is not impartial. The media does this to appeal to their
readers and to sell stories. If they are a left-leaning source, then they will
post in favor of them and try to make the right look bad or leave them out
completely and vice versa. They would not run the risk to post both sides
because their readers could potentially get upset if it is not in favor of what
they like and might not read the article or stop reading the source. And those
people aren’t going to read a source that does not believe in what they believe
in. I think that the media should give a little bit about the opposite side to
try to get their readers more informed, but it is also the reader’s
responsibility to do more research and not to believe that one source has all
the answers. I think in general people should be more informed that they are
probably not getting an unbiased opinion about their news from the newspaper,
magazines, internet, or any source of news. There are neutral sources and
sources that are on the other side of the spectrum, you just must find them and
want to expand your mind and try to be rid of bias or at least be aware that
you have a bias and not be ignorant to believe everything you see and read. If
you know you could try to correct it if desired, anything would be better than
to be closed minded and only read and accept the news that they agree with. A
big issue that I believe strongly in is the death penalty and that it should
not be a national law. I do not see the point in killing someone for a crime
when they could spend life in jail or prison and be punished for the rest of
their life as opposed to executing them and they are just done and gone and do
not have to suffer through prison or jail. I believe that if a state wants to
execute people then it should be up to the state government to decide what is
best for their people and state. If it were to become a national law, then
states that are not in favor of the death penalty would be forced to execute
people for doing crimes that are punishable by death. I do understand that the
cost of housing

Tennancour Political Platform 2017 an inmate until they die
is expensive and that the crime they committed may be punishable by death, but
then you are killing someone and in a way putting them out of their misery. If
the crime that they did was that bad, then they should not be allowed the same
privileges that the other inmates have. Like to get an education, or to work in
the facility or anything that would be available to inmates of less serious
crimes. News Week says that a study found that about one in twenty-five people
are innocent on death row or about 4.1%. About 1.6% of people to ever be on
death row were exonerated, which could mean that people died for crimes they
did not commit. There is no way for sure to know how many people were innocent
that have died or to know how many people that are on death row currently and
are awaiting execution are innocent. As of July, there were 2,817 death row
inmates. Cases, where the death penalty was wanted, can cost from two to four
times more than a case where the death penalty is not wanted. That could cost
up to one million dollars more. Housing a death row inmate until they are
executed can cost at least twice as much as general population inmates.
California’s cost of the death penalty is 137 million dollars and for prisoners
to be sentenced to life is 11.5 million dollars. To compare California to
Washington with the cost per inmate in Washington is 46,897 with 17,050 inmates
in California their cost per inmate is 47,421 with 167,276 inmates. People may
think that it is less expensive to just execute someone, but it’s not. The
costs of trials are at least doubled, it costs more to house a death row inmate
than one in general population, and some inmates on death row are innocent and
no one knows how many people were executed for a crime they did not commit. If
they are not found innocent and exonerated, then they wait an average of 15
years to be executed where a quarter of those people die of natural causes. It
costs more after all is said and one to put someone on death row than it is to
sentence them life to prison. My last point I want to make is about how much
power the president of the united states has. There is a debate that the
president has too much power that is not stated in the constitution. Times have
changed since the constitution was written, our government has changed and
grown since then, our country has

Tennancour Political Platform 2017 changed and grown so the
power that the president yields should also change and grow according to what
is happening in the world and in our country. I believe that the president has
more power than what is written in the constitution, but not too much to where
he can control anything and everything. To limit the president’s powers there
are checks in place to stop any one branch of government from having too much
power. The president has a lot of authority but only as much as Congress
allows, the president cannot declare war for no reason, Congress has to
technically declare war. That does not stop the president from being able to
deploy troops for protection while awaiting Congress’ decision since it is not
war. I think there is a misconception about how much the president actually
does. I am sure he does a lot for our country, but most people would fear
someone in high authority to become more like a dictator. He has control over
our military and nuclear weapons, can sign or veto bills, appoint some
government officials, and is everyone’s boss. He does not have enough power to
take over our country or be able to decide everything that can become a law or
bill passed. Congress can veto the president’s veto, can approve the people who
the president wants to appoint to a job, and can impeach the president under
the right circumstances.