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Marxists could struggle in the natural of belief in human rights. Human rights activists state to believe in human rights is to be committed to defending all aspects of them. Even in cases when ones personal goal is not be aided or served. This is explicitly shows how when the rights do not conform the to marxism ideology they can struggle to claim to believe in human rights. The ideology Marxism struggles to correspond with Human Rights. Human rights attempt to offer objective principles that specify what is just and fair. The rights attempt to be autonomous or partisan or sectional interests. However Marxism sees this as specious, illusory and false. Marxism sees the actual need for rights relates to society need to “protect the social relations of the existing order.” Ultimately aiming to attended to the bourgeois agenda. However Lukes does nat state this should make all communities immoral but it does exemplify his believe that human rights cannon have a rational compelling authority over the citizens. Human rights presupposes a need for limited altruism and loraliry that marxism denies to be inherent for human life. This is because marxists beeline that all conflicts of interest are to be traced back to inherent class divisions.
The human rights movement could hinder emancipation as it can demobilise and alienate activist from class struggles by offering the confidence that these matter are being professionally death with. Lenin stated that rights “unite all the working people around the proleteriat.” This is evident by the declarations statement that we have the right of “freedoms to join political associations”, engage in demonstrations and to hold meetings. However this is not always the case as history shows that rights has often been the focal point of animosity between the activist and empowered oppressors; rights are used as a tool to allow for class cohesion thus slowing down the ability for the marxist ideal revolutionary change. One one hand human rights can be seen to mediate class conflict as stated in Trotskys pamphlet “Their Morals and Ours.” Trotsky refers to rights as “a necessary element in the mechanics of class deception, which unite the revolutionary proletariat.” Steven Lukes developed this fuerhter stating the real function of rights are “in the bourgeois interests.” On the other hand Friedrich Engel summarised the Marxist opinion of Humans Rights in “Socialism: Utopian and Scientific, it does not condemn the realities of human rights but correlate their development  to that of the development of capitalism. He believes that the emergence of the bourgeois was vital and allowed the emancipation of the citizens and the progression of the working class. 

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