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Tab 1: For his novel 1984, Socialist George Orwell had an intent on warning his readers of the serious and crucial danger totalitarianism presents to the citizens of Oceania. From this we get a society of a clear dichotomy in living conditions. The nation of Oceania has different classes with very different living conditions. The most powerful and wealthy are the Inner Party members, which only represent 2% of the population. They are a small oligarchy, the group of people who control the country, represented by the ruler of the country Big Brother. These people live very luxuriously, with servants and well-furnished apartments. Then there are the proles, who represent about 85% of the population, and have a very low quality of living. They are the working class group of the state, and usually live in absolute poverty. The classes hardly interact, and are separated in different neighbourhoods with completely different standards of living. Based on these facts from the novel I decided to choose social inequality or economic inequality as my social issue. Orwell presents this imbalance to demonstrate how some societies promote the wealth of the ruling government while decreasing the quality of life for everyone else in society.

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Tab 2: In the US, the numbers have fluctuated a lot since a hundred years ago for the top 1%’s share of US income, being very high in the 20s, and then crashing at the Depression. But after that, ever since then, the percentage slowly started to climb and accelerate back up to the top, where now it’s at its highest in 50 years; 38.6%. The gap between the Top 1% and everyone else is at it’s widest point. Wealth inequality is only getting worse in America.

Tab 3: Wealth inequality is the unequal distribution of income and opportunity between different groups in a society or population. Economic inequality sometimes refers to income inequality or wealth inequality. It is a concern in almost all countries around the world and often people are trapped in poverty with little chance to climb up the social ladder. But, being born into poverty does not automatically mean you stay poor. Education, at all levels, enhancing skills, and training policies can be used alongside social assistance programs to help people out of poverty and to reduce inequality.

Tab 4: Winston is an Outer Party member, as like much of the other characters in the book. While he does interact with some of the proles, they are generally supposed to be seen as objects of hatred or disgust by the rest of the society in the novel, however it doesn’t mean that they are lacking the worst freedom. Since Winston isn’t a part of the Inner Party, but the Outer Party, he lacks a lot of freedom and privacy, where he’s constantly under surveillance by the Big Brother (the totalitarian dictator of the state). This causes him to have very limited control in his life, causing him to turn against the Party in the ensuing months. He also lacks the luxurious lifestyle and privileges that the Inner Party has, such as healthy or good-quality food, servants or automobiles. These tight strict rules the Party has over him also forbid him from having any love affairs, which he of course does anyway, eventually. While Orwell was clearly not writing anything near realistic to our true world, I like to see all of this as a metaphor or an allegorical piece symbolizing the injustices in some societies.

Tab 5: We want to do whatever we can to end this. We want to create awareness of this less-talked-about issue, that occurs most prevalently right here in North America. Our slogan is “Share The Wealth” and our hashtag is #opportunity4all. We hope to make some change by spreading this campaign and these phrases all across the media, commercializing them until they becomes a household phrases.