p of the fittest takes place and

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Evolution is
defined as the change that is noticed in the characteristics
inherited over generations. Evolution is the phenomenon that is
responsible for variation within the species which gives rise to
biodiversity in the various species. The formation of new species
and change within the species along with extinction of the species
are somethings that can be shown very clearly by means of shared DNA
sequences, which is used to trace a species to a common ancestor.
According to Darwin, evolution proceeds due to the process of natural
selection. In this process survival of the fittest takes place and
unfit units in a species slowly get weeded out due to less survival
or lowered or absence of reproduction.
B. List of top
10 books on evolution

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#1: The Blind Watchmaker: Why the evidence of evolution reveals a
universe without a design By Richard Dawkins (ISBN-9780141026169)

The writer Richard Dawkins, through this book has straightaway
answered the theologist and creation believers that evolution is the
only reasonable theory that exists. He has tried to answer the 18th
century theologist William Paley that just like the watch with such
a complex thinking there is a watchmaker, there is creator for
complex organisms.

Read it
for: If you want to go through take a stand for Darwin in front
of theologists with reason then this is your book.

read it for: It has computer models, thus, if you are not very
comfortable with those then refrain from this book.

makes this book stand out? The very name stirs controversy and
the very fact that it is in sort of answer to an 18th
century theologist gathers interest. It is one of the best books on

#2: What
evolution is by Ernst Mayr (ISBN-

This is a straightaway defence of the Darwinian theory and the
author takes in experience from his 7-decade career to claim that
nothing in the field of biological sciences can be fully explained
without the use of theory of evolution.

Read it
for: if you want to understand what the theory of evolution is,
then this book as the name suggests answers the question.

read it for: the author leaves many terms undefined related to
the field.

makes this book stand out? The book is totally based on the most
widely asked question in the field of biological sciences of what
evolution actually is?

#3: The beak of
the finch: a story of evolution in our time by Jonathan Weiner (ISBN-

This is a very interesting book that is based on the Darwinian
theory and this book shows the Darwinian theory actually in action
which even Darwin wasn’t able to see. He had amassed data, but he
had never seen it happen in real life and this book shows that.

Read it
for: the book is really interesting with a gradual evidence of
evolution on Darwin’s theories.

read it for: the book does not contain many later information on
evolution which are more widely known.

makes the book stand out? The book shows the evolution which
Darwin had said happen in nature but was unable to show. The book is
one of the best books on evolutionary biology.

#4: Genome: The
autobiography of a species in 23 characters by Matt Ridley (ISBN-

the book deals with the mapping of the human genome and the
twenty-three characters which are our chromosomes which make up our
complete body are dealt with in this with the complete ancestry to
the modern medicine.

Read it
for: this book offers many answers to the various generally
asked question be it of medicine to the history and makeup of

read it for: the book contains data that is slightly outdated in
today’s context and it also is sometimes difficult to grasp by a
person of non-biological background.

makes the book stand out? The book is based on the very basis of
why humans are like this. The book is a recommended one in the books
on human evolution.

#5: Endless forms
most beautiful: The new science of Evo Devo by Sean B. Carrol (ISBN-

The book deals with the variety in the animal kingdom and the plant
as well which share a very close DNA with each other yet there is so
much difference. The book deals in Evolutionary Development of

Read it
for: it is based on the similarities in the DNA structure yet so
much variation in appearance and functions. This gives answers to
all such questions.

read it for: the book gets technical later on making it
difficult for people below a definite level of knowledge in the
field to understand.

makes the book stand out? The book is based on a contradiction
sort of a thing which makes it interesting.

#6: Wonderful
life: The burgess shale and the nature of history by Stephen Jay
Gould (ISBN-

the book is based on the evolution od the marine invertebrates
to question the mostly believed theories of evolution.

Read it
for: those who are interested in a grasping outlook of question
the theories of evolution may try the book.

read it for: the book is an interesting piece made up by
combining interesting bits of natural history along with some
situational helpful facts.

makes the book stand out? The book makes the reader to grasp the
given conclusion but then also open minds to other conclusions.

#7: The selfish
gene by Richard Dawkins (ISBN-

The book is based on the author’s reformulation of Natural
selection theory which makes the readers question many things about
nature and life in it.

Read it
for: it is a very good book within the scientific community and
also for a very keen observer.

read it for: the book is not very much written for a non-science

makes the book stand out? The basis of the book to push the
reader to think beyond the regular scientific theories.

#8: The
ancestor’s tale: a pilgrimage to the dawn of life by Richard
Dawkins and Yan Wong (ISBN- 978-0544859937)

the book takes you on a path with your close genetic relatives
to you first very common ancestor.

Read it
for: The book is interesting with Dawkins style of writing and
the ease he takes you on the journey.

read it for: the book become slow and at places it is loose in
context of explaining things.

makes the book stand out? The picturization of a very debated
scientific fact in form of a journey. The book is a recommended read
in books on evolution of man.

#9: The origin of
species by Charles Darwin (ISBN-

The original book that started the era of evolutionary sciences
by the father of evolution. The book deal in evolution basic of life
for the very first time in human history.

Read it
for: the fan of Darwin should read it to know what Darwin
exactly discussed.

read it for: the book is outdated and difficult.

makes it stand out? The book that started all these discussions.
It is the most popular science book on evolution.

#10: Finding
Darwin’s god: A scientist’s search for common ground between god
and evolution by Kenneth R. Miller (ISBN- 978-0061233500)

the book has been theorised in the way of finding evolution
within the circles of theology.

Read it
for: it gives an interesting aspect of evolution.

read it for: the book loses its grasp and get boring midway.

makes the book stand out? The fact that it tries to combine two
very opposite fields, science and theology.