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Othello, the Moor of Venice , tells a story of a man named Othello, he is a Moorish General in the military but is disparaged for his race, but he is well respected because of his rank in the military. He marries Desdemona the daughter of Brabantio a Venetian Senator, they’re in an interracial marriage that offends Brabantio because Othello is a moor, whom are viewed as beast-like villains. Jealous of Othello’s high rank and honor and has a feeling that his commander has slept with his wife, Othello’s lieutenant and close friend Iago plans to sabotage Othello’s marriage and career. He tells Othello that his wife Desdemona is unfaithful and he gives him false evidence of that infidelity she has towards him. Othello is known to be trusted and noble, but everything Iago tells him leads him into a jealous rage that starts tragedy. The play is set in Venice, a place that values their military prowess, Othello is respected because of his high rank. However, because Shakespeare and his Elizabethan English audience were prejudice against moors, which is why Othello is disparaged for his race.Venice’s unique form of Republicanism and mixed modern government creates a barrier to explain the reasoning of the citizen characters throughout the story. Venice was a city in Italy that war after war; “Venice was labeled as the “Virgin City” since it was so successful at preventing invasion or outside control” (The Geography of Othello). The “Virgin City” employs the city’s regard for sanity and purity, which meant the people in the town must be portrayed as purified and noble hearted people. Although they were all very peaceful civilians within their city, Othello was a different perspective for the venetians. Venetians saw Othello in a very elevated and superior way, hence why they had so much respect towards him. Othello portrayed a very powerful and free figure because of his history as a soldier and a very manly and possessive interpret because of the jealousy he has over his own wife. IN the story Venetians respected Othello for his military skill “thereby, the audience accepted Othello’s high status