However, where a juvenile who has attained the

However, where a juvenile who has attained the age of sixteen years has committed an offence and the Board is satisfied that the offence committed is so serious in nature or that his conduct and behaviour have been such that it would not be in his interest or in the interest of other juvenile in a special home to send him to such special home and that none of the other measures provided under this Act is suitable or sufficient, the Board may order the juvenile in conflict with law to be kept in such place of safety and in such manner as it thinks fit and shall report the case for the order of the State Government.

(2) On receipt of a report from a Board under sub-section (1), the State Government may make such arrangement in respect of the juvenile as it deems proper and may order such juvenile to be kept under protection custody at such place and on such conditions as it thinks fit. However, the period of detention so ordered shall not exceed in any case the maximum period provided under Section 15 of this Act.

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Punishment in Regard to Offences Committed against a Child:

A person is entitled for punishment for the offences committed against a juvenile or child for:

(i) Cruelty to juvenile or child (Sec. 23);

(ii) Employment of juvenile or child for begging or abets commission of crime (Sec. 24);

(iii) Giving intoxicating liquor or narcotic drug or psychotropic substance to juvenile or child (Sec. 25);

(iv) Exploitation of juvenile or child employee (Sec. 26).