Ontela They show a willingness to new

Ontela PicDeck (B): Customer Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning



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Ans: Questions 1, 2,10,11,13 are
the important variables Because it helps in identifying different segments of
people using a camera phone. They would like to take more phone pictures when
the uploading method was easier. There are many people saying, they were l
looking for saving their pictures, in a safety place such as a computer and mail
box. This matches to the PicDeck service. The questions 3, 4,5,8,9 are the least
important ones since they do not help in differentiating clusters.



Ans: A)

Cluster 1

      5.75 x 0.24=1.38

Cluster 2

      6.64 x 0.12=0.7968

Cluster 3

      7.93 x 0.19=1.5067

Cluster 4

      3.90 x 0.16=0.624

Cluster 5

      8.31 x 0.15=1.2465

Cluster 6

      1.67 x 0.14=0.2338

B) Cluster 1 =Quality seekers

They are the people who are most
willing to switch to use phone cameras if the quality is high and share those
pictures if it is very easy to use.

Cluster 2 = Photo sharers

tend to show a desire to share the pictures if the camera is of good quality
and have access to the pictures from their computer via email.

Cluster 3 =Trend setters

They are the people who are willing to adopt new
innovation and technologies and are comparatively more risk taking.

Cluster 4 =Technology driven people

 They show a
willingness to new technology and passion for photo sharing. They are willing
to pay low price for picdeck.

Cluster 5 =Convenience seekers

People in this segment show a high tendency to accept
Phone cameras if it is of more quality and easy to use.

Cluster 6 =Traditionalist

They show minimum interest in exchanging digital
cameras with phone cameras and share them over internet.


Ans: The   initial   
profiles (Refer ans: 2) were made  
based    mainly on   the
data which were given primarily. These profiles did    not   
perfectly  replicate    the   
nature  of  the   
groups.    For    cluster   
one,    the  interest of the first segment   in   
technology  advancements was    not  really
  visible    in   
the    preference    data   
and    so    they   
were    assumed    to   
seek    easy    to   
use    products    that   
satisfy    their    needs   
whereas    segment    represented    by   
cluster 4 was    supposed    to   
be    tech  savvy 
because    they    agreed      
strongly    with    the   
statement    that    uploading   
photos    from    phone   
is  easy    but   
presented    to    have   
slight    interest    in  such  technology   




Ans: They should
target cluster 1, 3 and 4.These clusters have the highest percentage of
respondents. These clusters consists of youth and adulthood and they are the
people most likely to use this service.




They should
mainly position picdeck as a   
reasonable    price and quality
service.  It   promises   
an    easy    and   
consistent    transfer    of   
pictures    from    mobile   
devices    to    any   
networked    locations like computer,
mail and many    social    networking    sites without the need for any extra
clicks,which differentiate it from others.





For   wireless   
carriers   subscribers,    Ontela   
PicDeck    is    an   
advanced    and    user-friendly    mobile   
service    that    enhances   
value    by    providing   
a    simple    and   
continuous    image    transfer   
experience    that    your   
customers    desire.    It allows   
the users    to    transfer   
their    pictures    out   
of    their   
handsets    and    to   
any    selected    locations   
without    any    difficulty since    PicDeck   
automatically    delivers    users’   
pictures    to    wherever   
they    intend to put it.



Ans :

Media plan

popularizing ontela picdeck, they should target media,where their customers are
following.They may use magazines such as

Tech Magazine

Celebrity Magazine

Fashion Magazine

Sports Magazine


 Social media platforms like