Online also sorority and fraternity opportunities for

                    Online education vs
Traditional education, there are variables that play into which education is
best.  I will start with traditional
education; the target student is between the ages of 18-21.  College students of this age are looking for
freedom from parents.  They will more
than likely live in dorms on campus or housing close to the campus.  This is usually their first experience living
away from family.  College campuses are
full of exciting events; football, baseball, basketball, and track to name a
few.  There are also sorority and
fraternity opportunities for those looking for even more social events.  College students are required to attend
classes on specific days and times.  This
is a time these students are seeking their first degree or taking classes while
deciding their career path.  The
traditional classroom does not leave much room for flexibility in other aspects
of their life.  Online education is
increasing in popularity at a very fast pace. 
Students in online classes usually have full time employment, family
obligations, financial concerns, or other personal concerns that have kept them
from a traditional classroom.  The
majority of students attending online classes are looking to obtain a higher
degree than the one the hold or specialize in their career choice.  Career advancements, salary increases, and
personal growth are a few reasons these students choose the online
classroom.  These students are older,
more mature, and responsible for the most part. 
Time management and self-motivation to two must have qualities to be
successful with an online education.  I
do not feel there is a real difference in the quality of education you receive
via classroom or internet.  I believe
that you get out of your education what you are willing to put into it,
regardless of the format.  I personally
chose to pursue an online degree for flexibility of the schedule.