One to Stohl (1988) the terrorist is

One of my class member has also commented
on the article about her own opinion on travelling to destination which is
under terrorism threat. She has stated that she would personally avoid going to
large events and crowded attractions such as Disneyland.  I disagree on one recommendation few members
including Petrawludykova has made which is to give up on large scale event,
this is not possible because some events are cultural, religious, and
traditional which many destinations would not be ready to stop but a country
will be willing to increase the security measures at large events.

Media attention

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The terrorist always seeks media attention and they also
receive the extensive attention they are craving. Media
Terrorism can be defined as the use of violence attack to force a government to
change. There are terrorist groups such as al-Qaida, Taliban, Boko Haram and
ISIS that only do terrorist attacks to grab attention. Terrorism is seen and
heard everywhere on TV stations, newspapers, and the radio. Many of the
terrorists need media coverage to spread their message and create fear to the
public. According to Stohl (1988) the terrorist is mainly interested in the
audience and not the actual victims. How the audience react to the incident is
the most important part of the attacks. According to Weimann and Winn (1994) A
terrorist attack is twice as likely to get media attention and receive extra
coverage when there is harm or kills victims.

On the other had social media can create awareness, most of
the time the public are aware of what is happening and what has happened.
Facebook has ‘safety checks’ which allows notifies Facebook users in the region
where a horrific event has occurred to mark themselves safe and well. The
founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg introduced this because over the last few
years there have been many disasters and attack, where people have come to the
internet for help, so this makes it easier for the users to see if their
friends and family members are safe (Hamill, 2017).


Security procedures and strategies (Article 2)

The second article concentrates on what
procedures and strategies that event organisers can apply in relation to events
of different scales. The article was very interesting, the recent geopolitical
development is putting pressure on event planners to ensure safety and Terrorism has become a common social issue. security of their attendees. This is because events have been
the big target for a terrorist attack to occur.


My discussion partner made the first
comment on the article and agreed on a recommendation given, that even a
small-scale event should consider terror attack as a threat and it is
unpredictable. I approve on her decision of agreeing on the point as the size
of an event does not matter, they need to have an emergency plan in case an
attack arises whether it is a small or a large-scale event. She also made a
good point about educating people about how to react when an attack happens which
will help them get through it when it happens again.

People will be scared to go to future
event such as concerts. According to Mirror, an 8-year-old boy was scared to go
to a Little Mix concert, in fear of a bomb attack but a caring armed officer
promised the little guy by telling him “we will protect you” (Nichol,
2017). This shows that people are frightened of going to concerts.

Event organisers need to concentrate on
their safety management. I stated that the safety of the people is the most
important part whether it’s their staff or attendees. After terrorist attacks
have happened at events they tend to increase their security procedures. The
Manchester arena attack at Ariana Grande concert on 22nd May 2017
killed 22 people and injured more than 55 (including children) (Sky News, 2017), this is due to lack of security checks. Fans
have been angry and tweeted that they only check the bags but don’t check the
actual person, so anyone can walk in with things under their coats which could
be dangerous. There have been many bad reviews given about the security at the